May 18, 2011

RAGE in my soul

today, i heard the most horrific real life story i ever heard in my life. my mother was talking to an acquaintance (lets call him mr.A) of ours about his daughter. he told us something so twisted i wanted to punch a wall right then and there.

his oldest daughter (13) was born with cleft lip and my mom told him she gets emotional whenever she sees her. she attends high school and he told us she gets bullied and laughed at so much but doesn't dare to cry in front of him. nobody wants to be her friend and all the kids make fun of her. at recess time, the others hang out in groups, yet she stays in the library or goes on the swing by herself with a book in hand. i can't even imagine the pain she has to go through every single day of her life and she's just this young and fragile thing. she can't tell her dad about the hell she lives in because she doesn't wanna make him sad over her matters. she knows he works 2 jobs to feed her and her little sister so she refuses to be the burden for her dad. of course he knows all this, he's her father after all. people think moms know better than dads, thats false...fathers know just as much as moms and they're equally as observant as moms..they just suck at dealing with things. so when he sees his daughter looking at herself in the mirror with sadness in her eyes, he knows what she feels inside her heart and the thoughts in her mind. Mr.A told his story with tears in his eyes but this is not even the worse part. he told us when his daughter came into this world, the nurse handed her to his (now ex)wife. once she saw the newborn's face, she was disgusted and cried and screamed like it was no one's business. the nurse had to snap her back to reality by yelling at her: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? SHE'S YOUR DAUGHTER, NOT A MONSTER!!!" she still remained angry at her baby and kept crying and screaming some more. Mr.A immediately held his precious baby in his arms...not because no one else would, but because no matter what, she's still his daughter and he'll love her under any circumstance. from that day on, he's never looked at his wife the same way again. they're now battling for custody for the kids. he wants to take care of both because she can't do shit and can't act like a proper mother to them...but of course, she only wants the one without defect.

if this woman shows up in front of me, i don't even know what i'm gonna do to her. she makes me so MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but as a buddhist, i believe in Karma and i think she's gonna get just what she deserves...just wait 'til fate hooks her up. how do people like this even freaking exist??? i don't even know. i'm just so angry................urghhhh...

sorry, that was a pretty depressing post...will post more fun stuff later...

May 11, 2011

2NE1 x Balmain

2NE1's fashion certainly didn't disappoint in their newest mv, Lonely (released may 12th, at midnight KST). the girls were decked out in designer gear from top to bottom. the most prominent look was the biker chic look with pieces from well respected house of Balmain[SS11]. fave group wearing my HG brand...what more can i ask for?! if you have a couple of dollahs just asking to be spent...

pictures from various sources such as: net-a-porter, luisaviaroma, style, balmain, google. if you plan to use these collages, please don't forget to mention this page. thank you


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