April 05, 2011


I meant to post about my love affair with YGE for a while but i kept on procrastinating and telling myself i'll post once i receive the new album/item/photobook or whatnot...but omg, there's ALWAYS something on it's way to me so i never got around to posting anything. [at this moment, my pre-ordered T.O.P t-shirt is coming...i should be getting it this week, i'm more than excited!! after the t-shirt, my 4.5 album and poster will also be shipped because once again, i have pre-ordered] =D

so why do i love YGE? i dunno...maybe because they promote TALENT, CREATIVITY and UNIQUENESS first instead of just pretty faces/mediocre voices? lol whenever they come out with a song, an album, a concept etc...it instantly becomes a HIT. songs are always top charted [both korean and international]. members of YG Fam seem to get along great, from artists, actors to dancers and staff..they got a great bond and it shows through the lens. i also love how much effort they put into making each item stand out on it's own, both quality and design are top notch. everything is just gorgeous! oh and did you know that YG donates part of their profit to charity?? so, the money i invest in them gets returned to the needed, isn't it a win win situation after all?...i LOVE YG SO MUCH!!!

these are the items from my collection[all official merchandise], which i started around half a year ago:
Taeyang Solar Deluxe Edition
it was hard to find and i feel very lucky to have it!
i love the t-shirt so much, i keep wearing it. looks like a bf tee =]

GD&TOP High High album
i truly LOVEEE LOVEE LOVEEE this album! i love the fact that i can hear more of my hubby T.O.P ;) his voice just kills me!! i can't even pick a fave song as i appreciate all of them. but since i know the reason behind Oh Mom...i have a special feeling towards it and i tear up every time i listen to it. Oh Yeah was pretty awesome too, TOPBOM=SEXY!! no but honestly...i love all the songs!!
this was pre-ordered and i was happy to find i got the silver bunny =]
T.O.P of the top
the photobook that came with the album is just too much to put into words. GORGINESS!!
yesasia is crap and didn't include a poster with the cd, i had to order them separately. i didn't want to ponder on and on about which one i'd get (i pre-ordered them really early and they didn't even have pictures up yet), i just bought both. not regretting!!
flawless JiTOP
2NE1 To Anyone
when i was pre-ordering my BB 4th mini album, i also snatched this up since i didn't have it yet. i already had all the songs in my laptop but encouraging them by buying their official album is what a real BlackJack should do. the best reward an artist could receive is seeing their work being appreciated.
my gorgeous YGLadies!!
[Park Sisters stan, but their chemistry as a whole is undeniable]
BIGBANG 4th Mini Album
i remember dropping by the post office to pick this package up. i was too excited to wait until i get home to open it up. could not contain myself so i just ripped the box apart right then and there. i was so happy i almost cried (i already heard all the songs but having this in my hands was just heartwarming!)!!! i was looking frantically for my YGFam card to see who i got and i almost died when i saw it.....
out of the possibilities, i got my hubby Tabiiii =D
i squealed like a toddler on speed!!! i think Longie got startled. lol
my beautiful poster!
YGFam Concert Making Book
i like seeing them bts! =] i wonder if they're gonna release a DVD for the concert.
will be added to my to-buy list if it ever does. lol
of course, i also have the poster that goes with the book.
Taeyang Solar Concert DVD =D
no need for fancams, i got the real thing right here.
it's eye candy during the whole time and even beyond[because the images lingers on your mind..lol
it comes with a NICE photobook... ;)
and i have a poster for this as well.
my YG things piled up
Taeyang Solar Hoodie
i get a lot of stares, compliments and glares when i wear this out..
2NE1 hoodie chyeahhh!!!
i wanted to buy the camo hoodie as well, but i already have a Great China Wall camo hoodie and i rarely wear it because it's hard to make an outfit with it, so...no go =|.. there was also the JiTOP hoodie that i didn't get. i didn't like the fact that it was in white velour but kind of regret not buying it because it's nowhere to be found now. i could've gotten it for the sake of collecting.
this set sends me to heaven! so much of TOP goodies, it's love!!
everything looks wonderful!!!!

2 dvds for longer lasting pleasure..lmao
me & hubby, we have similar taste =] biker jacket ftw!
my baby boo! wae so cute???

my YGFam cards together =D
bias numero UNO: choomTOP TOP TOP
DOS: Baeby
too bad for fiance, there's another man in my life! lol *insert fangirl squeal*
a gift from one of my lovely followers! thank you E.
you're the best =D xox

so that's all i have for now..but my collection wont stop here...will post more when i receive my stuff, yay!!!

Queenie xox


LL said...

Dara is actually sort of a pretty face with no real vocal talent, but she's so adorable. And I can't believe her age! Anyway, I've never really been a fan of Big Bang but I like 2NE1. Can't wait for their comeback! :D

Kawaiiberri92 said...

wow i love your collection (♥∀♥) hahaha have you seen their secret garden parody? funniest thing evaaaa

pfefi said...

ooo you collect what i collect! n_n

there were so many times when I was THIS close to ordering the 2NE1 hoodie (credit card in hand at all) but the one-size dimensions posted sounded huge!!! i'm so glad you posted a picture! how do you feel about the fit of it? (and where did you order yours from?)

jenn said...

OMGGG how did you get your iphone to say PRINCESS instead of the phone company? ITS SO CUTE!!!

Jo said...

I’m not into K-pop but I enjoyed your sharing of your collection. I learn new things! I love the T shirt too and I agree it looks like a bf shirt. Something nice and oversized to lounge about at home.

Anonymous said...

i can see how u like ur men....with a feminine face, small, and with tiny shoulders just like fiance

Jennifer :) ~ said...

Oh awesome! I love YG too and you have so many items *envies* Love it all <3