April 29, 2011

Spring Breeze

Yeah i know it's spring and it's getting warmer by the day, but we do live in Canada and very often, the weather network can't even predict what's going to happen in the next 2 hours. We've had such CRAZY weather these past weeks that i just don't know how to dress like anymore. did i mention CRAZY? oh yeah..i did. ughhhh...sometimes, i check the forecast in the morning, it predicst rain all day, i dress like crap, wear my trench coat, wear my wellies, bring an extra pair of shoes and lug my umbrella to work and then its super bright and warm in the afternoon...wtf! (ok, rant: check!)

ok, so back on topic. Yes, even though we're in spring, scarves are still very useful. It can protect you against a sudden change of weather AND it can lift a drab outfit in just a split second! double duty? i like!! oh and it also brings your outfit to a whole other level of awesome and class! HA! and doesn't mean you have to buy 983674582$ scarves, worn properly any scarf can look like a million bucks. Take a look at the compilation above, all scarves were taken from the Zara website. their versions don't even come close to 3 digits, yet they all look amazing and
do the job properly.

as to how to wear them, click play on the video below. Wendy from Wendy's Lookbook has gathered a bunch of creative and different ways to make a statement out of your scarf! Enjoy!

credit: Zara & Wendy's Lookbook

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bebe said...

love wendy's lookbook. (=