April 29, 2011

Minutes in TO

2 weeks ago, YS, one of Longie's buddy was sent to Toronto for some training. He was going by himself, so he invited us to come join him for the weekend. Of course we said yes because any reason is valid enough for a weekend road trip.

Before leaving, i didn't check the weather forecast and packed such useless things like shorts and leather jacket...I WAS FREEZING MAH ASS OFF the whole time i was there. OMG, saturday, it was snowing, there was rain, hail, WIND omg everything...urghhh look at my outfit below, FAIL much? it's ok, i guess i didn't look that weird or eye-catching because i saw some girls wearing strappy sandals and mini skirts lol.
my current signature look
[shamelessly similar to the one in the Canadian Tire post *gasp*]
in reality, i actually have 3 staple-looks and i stick to them like duct tape does to a wall. Either i dress like this, or bf shirt with leggings and flats or FULL on bb girl princess look with 5 inch heels(when the weather allows)..take it or leave it =O

(oh and for the anonymous comment who requested a pic of my Trevi with the long strap...is that pic above good enough to see how it looks on? if not, leave me a comment and i'll post actual "modeling" pic for the bag & strap. ^^v)
this scarf didn't cut it, it was really too cold to be a spring day!!1
it's definitely better than nothing though..there's nothing i hate more than being in the cold without a scarf on...urgghh *shudders*
Bestie & Me in Ninja mode
lol, he looks so out of it...but it was the best pic (out of 2 haha)

dim sum in pmall...as per usual.
always and forever in this same hotel..

Mini shopping spree:
got these on sale, too cute to pass
i actually cannot wait to wear this skirt =D
MBD masks that i never tried before. i bought these 2 boxes and gave 1 each to mom and little sis...i had to ask YS to bring me back new ones..
oooohh and ahhhh MBD eye masks!
need to try asap (been up way too many nights for live streamings!!)
i also bought this skull scarf at pmall for 5 bucks. actually, this belonged to Maya because she bought this first. we walked around pmall and saw another store selling the black version. i bought it and we exchanged as Maya = BLACK > white.
pink angel iPhone case also from pmall =D it's too cute!!!
THE CUTEST SOCKS EVER!!! u jelly?? i bought these at One's Living and i love them to bits!!!
the socks were just too adorable, so along with the extra MBD masks, YS also had to buy these for me!! (he handpicked them! wahaha) he said the cashier was giving him weird looks. lmao! oh well...


ok thats it, loves!

p.s. i apologize for my low quality pictures as i am too lazy to lug my big cam around! a cellphone is just so much more convenient. oh and another thing, i will try to answer all comments from the last few posts (SO LAZY)


~Lisa said...

Too bad I didn't get to see you! =(
And sorry that the weather wasn't very nice, lol.
It's much nicer this week xD

And wow, those socks are such cuties! I must get some too

pankeke said...

omg! I am SO JELLLYYYYY of all those socks!!!! they are soso cute T___T

Anonymous said...

I have a Q. My sis said u bought a "Eco" birkin bag from banana Taipei. She is wondering where did u get and how much. My uncle is going to Taiwan soon but I don't want to ask him if I can buy it in Canada. I mean, he's a guy and might get the wrong item lol.

shirrrley said...

You look so cute with the scarf covering your mouth.. like a little bandit? LOL

The socks are TOO cute! I love socks.. I don't think you can have too many! I also love going to One's too! I can spend an hour in there and not even buy anything. Everything there is too cute.

I hope you had a fun stay in Toronto! I miss it so much (I'm from Toronto but currently living in Ottawa for work)

Shanie said...

Which model are those jack purcells? or are they customized? :D Thanks!

Mary m said...

I am not anoymous but was really interested in seeing some more modeling pics of your Trevi with the longer strap. I was considering selling my Trevi until I saw your modeling pics.

KaitLin Kat said...

how the heck do you stay so darn gorgeous when ur in the cold? my nose always turn red and eyes tearing from the coldness!
btw, adore that a&f skirt, & ur blog <3