April 15, 2011


one of my previous post was about the love i had for YG...but honestly, we share more of a love/hate relationship rather than just pure love. why love? it's quite obvious and i've stated that before...but hate? well, they make me spend like crazy. like nonstop. (let's just say all my yg stuff added together could easily be worth a nice pair Loubs) every month, something new comes out, albums, concert dvd, photobook and whatnot. my most recent item is something you might find familiar if you've been following BBboys. once this was on pre-order option, i snatched one right away...it's so bold and in-your-face and i have no idea if i could wear it out without making a fool out of myself. lol however, if one day, courage decides to take over me, i will surely post it up as proof. lol **my 4.5 is on it's way and i just pre-ordered my YGFamily Concert yesterday...fml**

ok, so...back to bijjinesh...

if you did your homework as VIP, or if you've followed my blog consistently, then you should know who this is already..hehe
hubby ChoomTOPtoptop

isn't he just the most adorable ever? always doing his aegyo..awww

BB Love Song @MCountdown
did you notice the little mistake in the beginning? Ji & Dae weren't supposed to be on stage just yet..it's all good, proves they're human after all.. =]

BB Stupid Liar @MCountdown

Random buys:
some crystals were missing on my other zipper/charm, so i bought a new one to replace it. i picked this skull because i felt like it matched the badassness of my biker jacket. i like to look tough sometimes. lol
i also bought myself a convertible "8" charm necklace/bracelet. long enough to wear as a necklace but there are rings to adjust double wrap it into a bracelet. it's my lucky number =D the luck this comes with is legit, life's treating me with pleasant surprises recently. i wanna believe it comes from this charm. hehe

OUTFIT of 04092011
first sight of Mr. Rolando of 2011 =D
biker leather jacket: JC, bf shirt: Zara, cuffed denim shorts: TR, opaque tights: CM, quilted bucket bag: Burberry, glass slippers: Loubs.

we were in chinatown for our haircuts. thats why my hair is so tamed lol..usually, its pretty much a lion's mane.
i was in the car and saw Turtle's tweet requesting a pic of my pumps. so i twitpicked it.

i like the pic because we can clearly see the awesome arch the shoes give me.
later that day, we had to go to Canadian Tire (major urgghhh). i dont know why but stores like this one and Home Depot and RenoDepot always drain the life out of me. i'm serious! so being the clever girl that i am, i changed into my very trust worthy jackpees before going in (yes i always bring an extra pair of shoes when i wear these pumps out because i never know when my feet will decide to "force quit" on me) lol alas, even with comfy sneaks on, i was still dead and once i got home, i napped for a little bit before going to dinner w. the besties.

**i was really bored in that store, i swear...its so boring i wanted to die. but while walking through the aisles, i spotted this mirror, of course, i took the opportunity to selca. haha**
i tried this hairstyle that night...do you think its age appropriate?

anyways, thats all for this update...
i'll see you lovelies laturrr xox

p.s. i'm going to Toronto tonight after work and will come back on Sunday night. i don't think i'll tweet or foursquare, but if you ever spot me, tell me exactly when and where and i'll send you a little gift! real talk. heh! and if no one sees me, that will mean that i've mastered the art of being a ninja. baiii y'all!

oh yeah...my wedding shoes came... =] will reveal in the near future. yay!


May @ Rad said...

ahhhh!! where can I buy that TOP shirt?? D: I cant wait to see your wedding shoes too! ^^

Princess Jem said...

Omg queenie!! i haven't posted a comment in sooo long, hopefully you still remember meee! Love your TOP SHIRT!!! it is <3
can't wait to see you wedding shoes!!
And i love your OOTD!! I'm looking for a new bag and am deciding between Trevi PM Or a Burberry quilted bag like yours!! Suggestions hun?
and you're comming to Toronto!! Hopefully i'll spot you ;)

Mindy said...

lol it looks like someone smooched the mirror at Canadian Tire

Kawaiiberri92 said...

lol for the Love Song that BB performed wasn't their mistake it was actually MCountdown cause it looks as if they started the song early and the dancers werent even ready yet just wanted to point/clear that out lol so it just proved that BB are excellent performers ^__^ or as someone said on the video comment

"MNet's mistake just proved that BIGBANG's members are really PERFORMANCE-WISE artists!!"(lei5teukie)

sorry just trying to clear that hahaha ^__^ and also want to say that i love your outfit and love the TOP shirt >u<

KohLepe said...

ooohhh that's what you were waiting for! I can't wait to see them =)

brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

I see my name <3

I really like your quilted bag, I didn't know they had such a design. I like their stuff (I know you know) but even I admit that burberry doesn't hold a candle to the house of dior when it comes to designs.. not even close. I have decided that when I have a girlfriend I will purchase a bag like that for her.

I saw a pair of nasty loubies today. They were white with diamond SPIKES and totally trampy - I had to turn away lol.

Lisa said...


and i so know what you mean.. i always bring a pair of flats in the car because i don't know how long i can sustain myself in loubies. hahaha.

can't wait to see your wedding shoes!!!!!!!!!