April 29, 2011

Minutes in TO

2 weeks ago, YS, one of Longie's buddy was sent to Toronto for some training. He was going by himself, so he invited us to come join him for the weekend. Of course we said yes because any reason is valid enough for a weekend road trip.

Before leaving, i didn't check the weather forecast and packed such useless things like shorts and leather jacket...I WAS FREEZING MAH ASS OFF the whole time i was there. OMG, saturday, it was snowing, there was rain, hail, WIND omg everything...urghhh look at my outfit below, FAIL much? it's ok, i guess i didn't look that weird or eye-catching because i saw some girls wearing strappy sandals and mini skirts lol.
my current signature look
[shamelessly similar to the one in the Canadian Tire post *gasp*]
in reality, i actually have 3 staple-looks and i stick to them like duct tape does to a wall. Either i dress like this, or bf shirt with leggings and flats or FULL on bb girl princess look with 5 inch heels(when the weather allows)..take it or leave it =O

(oh and for the anonymous comment who requested a pic of my Trevi with the long strap...is that pic above good enough to see how it looks on? if not, leave me a comment and i'll post actual "modeling" pic for the bag & strap. ^^v)
this scarf didn't cut it, it was really too cold to be a spring day!!1
it's definitely better than nothing though..there's nothing i hate more than being in the cold without a scarf on...urgghh *shudders*
Bestie & Me in Ninja mode
lol, he looks so out of it...but it was the best pic (out of 2 haha)

dim sum in pmall...as per usual.
always and forever in this same hotel..

Mini shopping spree:
got these on sale, too cute to pass
i actually cannot wait to wear this skirt =D
MBD masks that i never tried before. i bought these 2 boxes and gave 1 each to mom and little sis...i had to ask YS to bring me back new ones..
oooohh and ahhhh MBD eye masks!
need to try asap (been up way too many nights for live streamings!!)
i also bought this skull scarf at pmall for 5 bucks. actually, this belonged to Maya because she bought this first. we walked around pmall and saw another store selling the black version. i bought it and we exchanged as Maya = BLACK > white.
pink angel iPhone case also from pmall =D it's too cute!!!
THE CUTEST SOCKS EVER!!! u jelly?? i bought these at One's Living and i love them to bits!!!
the socks were just too adorable, so along with the extra MBD masks, YS also had to buy these for me!! (he handpicked them! wahaha) he said the cashier was giving him weird looks. lmao! oh well...


ok thats it, loves!

p.s. i apologize for my low quality pictures as i am too lazy to lug my big cam around! a cellphone is just so much more convenient. oh and another thing, i will try to answer all comments from the last few posts (SO LAZY)

Spring Breeze

Yeah i know it's spring and it's getting warmer by the day, but we do live in Canada and very often, the weather network can't even predict what's going to happen in the next 2 hours. We've had such CRAZY weather these past weeks that i just don't know how to dress like anymore. did i mention CRAZY? oh yeah..i did. ughhhh...sometimes, i check the forecast in the morning, it predicst rain all day, i dress like crap, wear my trench coat, wear my wellies, bring an extra pair of shoes and lug my umbrella to work and then its super bright and warm in the afternoon...wtf! (ok, rant: check!)

ok, so back on topic. Yes, even though we're in spring, scarves are still very useful. It can protect you against a sudden change of weather AND it can lift a drab outfit in just a split second! double duty? i like!! oh and it also brings your outfit to a whole other level of awesome and class! HA! and doesn't mean you have to buy 983674582$ scarves, worn properly any scarf can look like a million bucks. Take a look at the compilation above, all scarves were taken from the Zara website. their versions don't even come close to 3 digits, yet they all look amazing and
do the job properly.

as to how to wear them, click play on the video below. Wendy from Wendy's Lookbook has gathered a bunch of creative and different ways to make a statement out of your scarf! Enjoy!

credit: Zara & Wendy's Lookbook

April 26, 2011

Chanel Beauté SU11

hmmm...Glossimers...come to me!
nude & yellow, 1 of each please!

credit: here

April 24, 2011

[Wedding Glass Slipper]

After spending a few months looking for my perfect wedding shoes, the hunt is finally over. As i have previously mentioned, a pair of Loubs is a must for my big day. I had a favorite in the bunch, and they were the Greissimos...even though i had set a whole list of possible styles, all i really wanted was a pair of nude Greissimo. I searched long and large and they were impossible to find. The department stores were sold out and so is the official e-shop. i (almost) wanted to die..but before doing so, i posted on TPF about my search for the perfect wedding shoes. a few weeks later, i received a personal message from a member telling me they saw a pair of nude Greissimo in size 37 on ebay and sent me a link to it. i was very skeptical at first because A.i wear 36 so i would have to risk them not fitting me since Loubs size vary according to the style and B.it's on ebay...i mean i buy from ebay, but for little things that cost almost nothing, i never bought anything "important" on there, it's a bit risky. Even with all that hesitation, i was about THIS close to getting them, but totally choked and let the auction end without bidding. It was sad because i thought my last chance of buying my dream shoes passed by and i would never be able to buy them again. =(

Before the whole Ebay case, i saw on Bergdorf another PURRFECT option. It's peep-toe, just how i like them, it's LACE, which is also one of my fave and slingback, so it should be comfy as hell. I showed them to my mom, she said it's beautiful but it's black. Asian = no black on big day. That got me sad because these shoes were the new HOPE since my 1st choice was sold out all over. I had to drop this because of it's color.

Ok so now back to after i skipped my ebay opportunity. A few days passed and i saw a friend on fb posting and spazzing about a new pair of Christian Louboutin (she's a TPF star), the link appeared in my feeds and once i clicked on it, i was FLABBERGASTED and blown away because these ones are the new PERFECT wedding shoes. Forget about the Greissimo, they were nothing compared to this new one. Showed it to everyone and everyone agreed. They weren't released yet, so even though the e-shop didn't deliver to Canada, i still signed for the waitlist and inquired about them. After TONS of emails and long distance phone calls and a few days of shipping, my shoes are finally in and are magnificent and i'm totally in AWE every time i look at them.

On to pictures lovelies!! The first set was taken right after picking them up at the UPS center (urghhhh brokerage fees FU, and UPS, i had a LOT of issues with them too, but it was a nice ending after all). It's kind of dark and we can't really see well, so you might wanna scroll down to see the 2nd set, which was taken yesterday in beautiful daylight. Enjoy and tell me what you think about them!


So now, all i have to do is to wait patiently until the day i can prance around in them...

thank you for reading,
love you all! xox

April 15, 2011


one of my previous post was about the love i had for YG...but honestly, we share more of a love/hate relationship rather than just pure love. why love? it's quite obvious and i've stated that before...but hate? well, they make me spend like crazy. like nonstop. (let's just say all my yg stuff added together could easily be worth a nice pair Loubs) every month, something new comes out, albums, concert dvd, photobook and whatnot. my most recent item is something you might find familiar if you've been following BBboys. once this was on pre-order option, i snatched one right away...it's so bold and in-your-face and i have no idea if i could wear it out without making a fool out of myself. lol however, if one day, courage decides to take over me, i will surely post it up as proof. lol **my 4.5 is on it's way and i just pre-ordered my YGFamily Concert yesterday...fml**

ok, so...back to bijjinesh...

if you did your homework as VIP, or if you've followed my blog consistently, then you should know who this is already..hehe
hubby ChoomTOPtoptop

isn't he just the most adorable ever? always doing his aegyo..awww

BB Love Song @MCountdown
did you notice the little mistake in the beginning? Ji & Dae weren't supposed to be on stage just yet..it's all good, proves they're human after all.. =]

BB Stupid Liar @MCountdown

Random buys:
some crystals were missing on my other zipper/charm, so i bought a new one to replace it. i picked this skull because i felt like it matched the badassness of my biker jacket. i like to look tough sometimes. lol
i also bought myself a convertible "8" charm necklace/bracelet. long enough to wear as a necklace but there are rings to adjust double wrap it into a bracelet. it's my lucky number =D the luck this comes with is legit, life's treating me with pleasant surprises recently. i wanna believe it comes from this charm. hehe

OUTFIT of 04092011
first sight of Mr. Rolando of 2011 =D
biker leather jacket: JC, bf shirt: Zara, cuffed denim shorts: TR, opaque tights: CM, quilted bucket bag: Burberry, glass slippers: Loubs.

we were in chinatown for our haircuts. thats why my hair is so tamed lol..usually, its pretty much a lion's mane.
i was in the car and saw Turtle's tweet requesting a pic of my pumps. so i twitpicked it.

i like the pic because we can clearly see the awesome arch the shoes give me.
later that day, we had to go to Canadian Tire (major urgghhh). i dont know why but stores like this one and Home Depot and RenoDepot always drain the life out of me. i'm serious! so being the clever girl that i am, i changed into my very trust worthy jackpees before going in (yes i always bring an extra pair of shoes when i wear these pumps out because i never know when my feet will decide to "force quit" on me) lol alas, even with comfy sneaks on, i was still dead and once i got home, i napped for a little bit before going to dinner w. the besties.

**i was really bored in that store, i swear...its so boring i wanted to die. but while walking through the aisles, i spotted this mirror, of course, i took the opportunity to selca. haha**
i tried this hairstyle that night...do you think its age appropriate?

anyways, thats all for this update...
i'll see you lovelies laturrr xox

p.s. i'm going to Toronto tonight after work and will come back on Sunday night. i don't think i'll tweet or foursquare, but if you ever spot me, tell me exactly when and where and i'll send you a little gift! real talk. heh! and if no one sees me, that will mean that i've mastered the art of being a ninja. baiii y'all!

oh yeah...my wedding shoes came... =] will reveal in the near future. yay!