March 21, 2011

GRAND Comeback

Wassup my lovelies!! long time no blog. Have i always been this inconsistent with my blog? My apologies. While i know i shouldn't be making excuses, but i do have to juggle between the office, the restaurant, the gym, wedding planning, furniture buying and time to catch my breath. The last few months have been a roller-coaster ride and it will be like that for a few more to come. *sigh* Anyhow, here's a small entry to entertain you a little bit while i finish my other post. =]

For those who are not on my FB or Twitter, i was away end of January to mid February for a quick stop in Vietnam (yes i know, again). We had a lot to do there, a lot of missions to accomplish. It was partly a fail because we picked such a wrong time to go!! It was Lunar New Year and hell, everything was closed for at least 5 days...we were there for 12 days, so, FML.

So during the holidays, me & Fiance would just walk around downtown, chill in cafes, facetime with our besties, eat and nap. the days seem to be never ending though, i swear. The normal day of a Vietnamese citizen(with a maid) would look something like this:

6:00 wake up
7:00 eat breakfast
8:00 exercise
9:00 nap
11:00 getting ready to eat lunch
12:00 lunch time
2:00 nap
5:00 wake up
6:00 getting ready to eat dinner
7:00 dinner
9:00 sleep

While over there, we lived at Longie's aunt's and that's pretty much how her schedule looks like. I've asked my uncles as well and they live the same way. (except replace exercise with yoga).

These are the pictures we took (mostly from the more relaxing days). I didn't take that many compared to last time, but that's only because the other days we were really busy doing our things.

It was my first time flying Cathay Pacific, we had a stop-over in Toronto and then one in Hong Kong. I usually take JAL but this time, we decided to give CP a try. errr...although i felt like it took less time, the service was mediocre and the food sucked ass. Seriously!! It tasted like hospital food, and that's NOT a good thing. Everything was pretty tasteless and least the flight attendants are pretty!! lol that fact can't even make up for the disastrous meals. =[
oh HKG, how i love thee. this airport is the best! probably better than Narita O_O it has more boutiques than in the whole city of Montreal. SO unfair!!! My stop there was so short..only around 1 hour. We got there super early (6ish am), quickly ate breakfast and by the time we finished eating, the stores were already open. How awesome is that? In the little time we were there, we were able to drop by Cartier to buy our ***wedding*** bands! =) We could have bought them at the boutique in HCMC, but buying them at the airport saved us the tax! teehee *proud*

in line at Ajisen
artsy shot! lol
shorty me in huge airport
i sometimes wonder if he knows i'm taking a pic of him or not.
that, or he's forever posing...*shrug*
2NE1 in ViVi Mag! =D (proud blackjack)
In our spare time, we always found ourselves going back and forth between Angel-in-us Coffee and Highlands Coffee. These cafes are pretty popular with the people who are more at ease financially. Angel-in-us is based in Korea and cater to the younger crowd and Highlands is from VN and is packed with mostly 20+. I don't know why the people going there are so stuck up because honestly, it's just like a Starbucks. o_O" We were there mainly for the cleanliness, air conditioning and Wifi (for facetime). lol
This was at Bud's Cafe(!?) in Vincom Mall. Good ice cream but service was crap! we waited for a really long time before being served and the waitress did not give us our change back (it was way more than what everything cost...wth we had to demand it).
After Vincom, we headed out on the streets. Saw a lady selling fresh coconut juice, i'm kinda obsessed with those!! so cold and refreshing!! i had to get 1 a day.
When we rode the taxi at night, we always had our windows down. Our eyes always alert and observant...trying to absorb as much as possible of the life after the sun has gone down. I feel like everything is even more lively once night falls. The streets are bustling with honks, the lights blinking and calling for attention and people just enjoying life one moment at a time.
I've been many many times to VN so this shouldn't be a shock to me anymore..but somehow, scenes like this always seem to surprise me. It took us nearly 10 minutes to get through this intersection...and apparently, that's nothing...
thank god we were always protected (car).
Saigon (downtown HCMC)
Beautiful architecture!! This is really an amazing side you have this magnificent old school building and then you look on the other side of the street, you see a growing sky scraper!
Since we had a lot of things to do over there, we got stressed out and had to take a break at some point. We booked a massage session at Aqua Day Spa.
cam whoring while waiting
This place was really great, the staff is super courteous and treat you like Prince and Princess! Tea and hot towels are provided for each customer upon arrival to help them slowly let loose while the massage rooms are being prepared. We booked a double room for 120 minutes of pure relaxation. The whole place was really immaculate. Would go back for sure next time.
Since we were there for Tet, look at how pretty the streets were!! When i look at these pictures, it reminds me of Avatar (minus the cars, scooters and random tourists walking around lol)!!
pretty, no?

such beautiful sights...and then we get back to Montreal...and it looked like this:
Y____Y" shattered dreams! lol
could it be more depressing?

Thank god the cold has decided to take a break a little nowadays. I can feel Spring is almost here. I know we're still in March so i wouldn't be surprised if we had 1 or 2 more snow storms before gorgeous weather and high heels (EEKKK BLISTER SEASON alert). Yup, because mother nature can sometimes be a bitch like that, throwing us unexpected stuff. ok, done ranting!

Gotta go to sleep now, lovers..see ya soon xox


TheEmmiFace said...

I like 2NE1 too! The latterns and lights from the tet festival look beautiful. I've never been to Vietnam before, so I really enjoyed your pictures. Great blog :) ~Emily

miemiemie said...

welcome back to blogging! your trip looked fun! can't wait to see you walk the aisle soon :) keep us updated with more photos!

Lisa said...

aww i loved seeing your vacation posts :) you look like you had a wonderful time!!

omg cartier wedding bands so j!! please post pics would love to see them!! is it from the love collection??

Miss Queenie said...

forever a blackjack!! *high five*
i should've taken more pix to show u then!! it's quite something. VN seems to be changing every month. thank you for reading!!

omg it's been so long, girrrl!! where and how u been??

we did have a great time, thank you! 100% love collection, it's my weakness. will post soon =D