February 25, 2011

LV Men's SS11 Catalogue

for the men who love lv and for
the women who love Godfrey
(the 1st asian model at the super house)

the pictures are really just woahhhh!

the shoes he wanted to buy for our wedding

STUNNING lush green background!

Godfrey, manly yet cute at the same time...

(while we're on the subject)
when we were in VN, we dropped by the boutique just for fun...but in the end we walked out with a little brown bag. he bought an ebene strap for my bags (looks so good with my Trevi, i wore it at the airport) and got himself a new pair of sunnies. so that means it's his 3rd pair in 3 years. the only reason why i dont complain about him splurging again on sunglasses is because it's one of the only things he can really collect besides hats and shoes. =( we as women have bags and bags and bags, and tons of shoes and this and that and jewelry and diamonds and blah blah blah...but men(generalizing) don't have that much to go crazy about and they dont go around blowing money as much as women do. i guess he has started his own little(not counting other brands) collection of Vuitton sunnies..guess which ones he got? it's from the SS2011 collection =]

Evidence [2009]

Attitude [2010]
taken Feb 2011, took this picture next to the boutique and this
was right before he got his new shades....check it out!
Enigme GM [2011]
will update with a pic soon (once he starts wearing them)

very random post, will update soon with my beauty hauls from vacay! yay!!
have a nice day, ladies and gents!! 


lisa said...

Godfrey is SOOOO HAWT!! hahaah

i'm so happy they went with an asian guy for the face of LV this season that is so exciting!!

Squeeze the Pug said...

Godfrey definitely looks good for LV.
The sunnies with partial gold-tone frames are cool.

Following you. If you have the time, I would be delighted if you would visit my page.

Squeeze The Pug

Blossoming Lotus said...

Wow...awesome pics. He is indeed a hottie. Have any info on him? ^^

Love your fiancee's sunnies. Good picks.

On another note, arrgh...Didn't the price increase seem to come out of nowhere? >_< At least I got a zippy wallet in Dec.

bebe said...

Lovee the LV stuff.. gorges.. and I totally agree with the whole sunglasses thing.. haha xD

Melody said...

Love those Asian models...thank you for posting it.