January 05, 2011

Tête aux PIEDS

i made a pre-selection of potential wedding shoes! =D i picked my favorite and discussed with my family to know what they thought of each styles. next step would be hunting them down. (my mind was clear since the very beginning that i would get Loubs for wedding shoes. a pair that i could wear even after the wedding)

POLL: which style you think would look best on me? or which do you prefer?
[note: my wedding dress is "Diamond White" in color, right between white and off-white]

this is my final selection for Mr. Fiance. he has 2 favorites, can you guess which ones? =] winner gets a pat on the shoulder and an e-hug!! hehe

POLL: if you were the groom, which ones would you go for?
[i ask as if i had a bunch of male readers...] should be: which one would you want your hubbie to wear?


P.S. i had also picked these out, but my bestie gave me SO MUCH SH*T... =(
can't anyone agree with me that these are SO DAMN HOT??? =(


elleovely said...

I think depending on if they'd match your dress (color-wise), the greissimo look best. Otherwise, I would go for a shoe that has more pink undertones (nude shoes with yellow undertones look a lot more yellow when contrasted with your white dress), so I'd then choose the very prive 120 because they look more classic than the 140, which has a platform. Whichever you choose, I am sure you'll look great!



i say the greissimo b/c of the color of your dress. but i like the hyper prive in nude the best! and the bradaplats too but, i guess it depends on the dress too ( ;
i say the last two on the left row for the groom. and the bottom right corner!
i cant wait to see future post on your wedding preps<3 eeeekkkk!

vivien said...

I love the Hyper Prive 140! I find the blue so adorable! Plus, how many other chances can you wear CL's Bridal Collection!? hehe

But I'm sure whatever you pick, it'll loook gorgeous! <3

L said...

You should check out this blogger: http://www.phi-style.com/?p=2048 She just got married and I think she wore the studded loubs with her dress.

Anonymous said...

As far as im concerned i would LOVE to get the Pigalili 120 for my wedding. Since its not in your choices i would say go for the very prive 120 if youre having a puffy dress and madame butterfly 120 if its a slimmer dress. Dont forget to keep us updated with the dress choices!! OMG im so excited for you!! xoxo

Zuuchini said...

omg i love all those shoes! lol i would be having a hard time picking one too!! I'm leaning to either hyper prive 140, banana 140 or madame butterfly 120!

xPockiex said...

The gressimo is nice but i'm sure whatever you pick will go well :)
I'm happy for you~ can't wait for the future updates!

joey said...

OMGg the last 2 pairs with the spikes are sooo awesome!!!! im not even joking! that would be such a BAM IN UR FACE statement for ur wedding!!! if thas what ur going for u know..

seo in young wore the spike loubs on her reality show and was working itt!!

krystalites said...

if the dress is diamond white, i'd say that banana 140's colour would match more. and it's a neutral colour which you pair with lots of clothes.

Jennifer said...

Hi Queenie!

Shoes I like for the groom are: the perfo ones and the ferragamo ones!! The rest of the choices you posted seem very shiny! Though, they are all very classic styles and you can't go wrong with any of them.

For your wedding shoes, I think you should eliminate any shoe that doesn't have a hidden platform since it doesn't look that classic. Even though people might bot even be able to see your shoes (depending on your dress length), I like hidden platforms better since they look dressier. That being said, I do think that out of your choices, the brandaplato and greissimo are ones you could still consider even though they don't have a hidden platform. I would also definitely pick a pinkish nude as Loub's make a great color of that! What pair of CL's do you have again? Definitely don't want to get something similar. Anyways, for me it would be down to:
greissimo, brandaplato, no prive, or slingback madame butterfly. :) I could get talking about this all day hehe. Anyways, I'm sure your boo could help out lots in the decision making and pick out something nice for you! Good luck!

Jennifer said...

Oh don't forget to try them all on and make sure the one you pick is comfy! Good luck in finding your CL wedding shoes!

Melody said...

I LOVE THE LAST TWO HAHAHA <3 I think the studs look awesomee xD

And hmmm, I like the greissimo and the madame butterfly! I think those would look nice. But I reckon they all do! x)

Hmm for the groom shoes ... I like the first and third (LHS) ones ! I wonder which your finance liked !

Anonymous said...

i'm sure you love the rollerboy spikes because of G.D. and T.O.P.! they've been wearing louboutins like crazy!
for the groom shoes, i think the no lace ferragamos look sleek and nice. the leather strap against the patent leather is a nice mix instead of all patent or all matte.
for your lovely wedding shoes, i'm sure if you're not satisfied with the color choices, you can get them special ordered, but they might take a while for shipping or you might not like them in person. i would LOVE to recommend the brandaplato 140 because they are absolutely stunning! selena gomez wore them to the people's choice awards and they were show stoppers! (here's the image of selena for reference http://img713.imageshack.us/img713/303/10789357310.jpg)
but to be on the traditional side, my pick for you would be the hyper prives in white satin. i'm sure when you try these babies on, you will find THE shoe! :] don't settle for less!

trish said...

aww they all look good! and please post a picture of your wedding dress!!!

Anonymous said...

mdame butterfly!

Miss Queenie said...

you have great taste and your comment is very constructive! thank you, i will keep it in mind!! =D

i wanted the classic hyper prive too, but with the blue insole, i will feel weird wearing them after my wedding! =S my dad LOVES the Brandaplato...but everyone else says its too much. =( Long like the first on the left and last on the right!

aww me too i like but as i mentioned, i'd like a shoe that i can wear after the wedding as well and the blue sole makes it a little awkward..hahah

thank you for the link!! her wedding was GORGEOUS!! see? the spiked loubs look so awesome against the pureness of a wedding dress!! =D but alas, no one around me agrees. *sigh*

Anonymous 1
OMG you are insane!! i googled Pigalili 120 and realized they're studded Pigalles and Pigalles dont have platforms!! do you want me to die on my special day or what?? lol the arch on those shoes are crazy! i'd never even tough a few hours in those and Loubs are known for comfort to begin with hahah. thank you for being excited!! yay!!

Zuuchini, xPockiex
great choices!! honestly, they look all nice!! it was hard for me to pick a favorite! =S

i would really LOVE to wear them!! but honestly, i am the only one in my fam that likes them and i know everyone would kill me if i got them!! lol they;re hot but not for a wedding in their opinion. =(

all 3 pumps on the second row are supposed to be nude color, its just that i took them from different website so they might look diff =X thanks for the comment!! =D

well me and Long thought the grooms dont really have anything that makes them stand out as much as the brides do, so patent shoes could look very sleek and chic. =] such a long comment!! thank you so much for your time!! will update with my final pick soon!! =D thought about getting them online, but i think i better jet to NYC for some serious shoes trials!

we think really alike!! all you picks were among my faves!! =D

Anonymous 2
well to be honest, i like all spiked Loubs ever since they were launched!! but GTOP wearing them just confirmed the awesomeness of the shoes!! hahaha awesome judgement on the shoes!! will update once i find my dream shoes =D

hmm i can't post a pic of my wedding dress!! i'm scared my fiance will see (although he claims he never visits my blog). =O

Anonymous 3
gorgeous choice!!

Laura said...

I'm semi-torn between the Greissimo and Very Prive. I'd say the Greissimo is quite formal, and so after your wedding they may not receive much wear. Very Prive, on the other hand is less dressier and could always be worn again with many outfits. Is your wedding dress floor length?

Hope this helps. ><

Swe3tGirl said...

I really love the Greissimo and madame butterfly. The spikes are HOT! I'd totally do them if I were you =P

Carmen said...

Aww, the Clou Noeud would've made a hot pair of wedding shoes! I was actually about to suggest my dream wedding Loubs: strassed ivory satin Very Prive. However, I can definitely see how that could be hard to match after the wedding.

From your choices, I have to agree with Laura on the Very Prive and Greissimo! I own the Greissimo in black and they are my go-to black peep-toes. I'm late to the nude trend, but I plan to buy nude patent VPs in the future too. I feel nude patent is much more versatile than white though.

Anyway, good luck with your choice!

P.S. My pick for the groom would be the first LV shoes on the top left.

lisa said...

heheh i think the spikes one would be so cute under your wedding dress..

if you want shoes you can use after your wedding.. i would def stick with patent leather loubies.. i use my patent loubies the MOST.. mostly because they really make every outfit pop and they're the easiest to keep clean and in good condition :) i would also recommend sticking with the 120's because even if you are use to wearing super high heels.. (but especially if you aren't) loubies are REALLY uncomfortable.. which is why they LOOK so freakin good.. even at the 120 height.. i can wear other pumps the same height no problem.. but my loubie's kill me.. because the arch is REALLY arched.. and the shoes are cut extremely narrow. i hope this helps :)