January 20, 2011

SEUNGRI - What Can I do & VVIP

What Can I Do


now, u better think YGE's the best ever!!!
can't wait for BB's comeback!!!

January 05, 2011


i made a pre-selection of potential wedding shoes! =D i picked my favorite and discussed with my family to know what they thought of each styles. next step would be hunting them down. (my mind was clear since the very beginning that i would get Loubs for wedding shoes. a pair that i could wear even after the wedding)

POLL: which style you think would look best on me? or which do you prefer?
[note: my wedding dress is "Diamond White" in color, right between white and off-white]

this is my final selection for Mr. Fiance. he has 2 favorites, can you guess which ones? =] winner gets a pat on the shoulder and an e-hug!! hehe

POLL: if you were the groom, which ones would you go for?
[i ask as if i had a bunch of male readers...] should be: which one would you want your hubbie to wear?


P.S. i had also picked these out, but my bestie gave me SO MUCH SH*T... =(
can't anyone agree with me that these are SO DAMN HOT??? =(

January 04, 2011

End of 2010 Mash-up!

another year has come to an end. no matter how good or bad, lets put it all behind us and look forward to yet a another new beginning. as you all know, this year will be a big one for me, this year will be a year with a lot of new beginnings, it will allow me to finally fully mature, become more responsible for my own life and own future. up until now, i have always been my parents' little princess. everything is always well taken cared of for me...i never have to worry about anything, just going to school and behaving. it will be interesting to see how i will adjust to real "adulthood", i can't wait. 

on a lighter note, i wanted to share with you some pictures from the last month or 2. i feel like ever since i have my iphone, i hardly use my real camera anymore. =O the cam on my phone is much more practical because i always have it near...i remember you guys liked random posts, so this one will probably make you happy because it can't get anymore random-er..lol here ya go:
Maya and me
bff powah!
Mr. Fiance
we were having breakfast at 3:30 in the morning
 still full of energy in the wee hours of the morning
at his bday dinner. i was wearing my new Edelman "Novato" platforms
which has a 5" heel...and still a shortie like this. *sigh*
TD & Maya! i love this picture tons!! they're so cute!
me & TD, because he is my fiance's best bud, i've known him for all these years
and i feel like he has somewhat become my best guy buddy as well.
*but sometimes i just wanna kill him because he can't stop teasing me*
bday kiss =]
my t-shirt says "Trophy Girlfriend" lol
can i still wear this after my wedding? haha
Grey Cup
looks like the guys were pretty happy!
friends gathering to celebrate Longie's bday. =]

a cute picture of my parents at Vieux-Port Steakhouse...we had the whole 2nd floor for our family of 6 =D we had reserved but came late, no more places on the main floor so i guess it was meant to be. wahahaha
our Xmas tree! so huge and filled with teddies yay!
the presents were bombarding the base of our tree...it was pouring out on the sides..=D my dad got the most to unwrap! and then followed by my mom. we always shower them with presents whenever we can. love them so much!!!
Amy & Me =O
do we look alike?
i had a fluo pink perforated cover for my phone..but it broke, i got another one!
never thought i'd pay this kind of price just for a plastic cover..thank god my uncle
gave me his gift card to use.

we were at La Perle Noire for the countdown to NY!
besties =D
our Lychee Martinis
(virgin of course..i'm not very good with alcohol)

on new year's day, i brunched with my fiance and bffs and then we headed straight to the spa! 
ahhhh if only it could be like this every single day.
my new year started very very well. =D

RANDOM recent buys:
bf shirt & distressed shorts : Zara
grandpa cardi: Diesel
wool v-necks: Lacoste & Club Monaco
cashmere cardi: Club Monaco
have i ever told you how much i LOVE CM? no? well i'm telling you now.
i freaking LOVE their style & stores...total understated chic.
their staff is always helpful and nice too! love it.
racer back maxi dress: H&M
i just realized there are some positive points in being a shortie...for example, my little sister bought herself this leo printed maxi dress...but when she got home, she found out it was wayyy too short for her. short as in shorter than her ankles short. so guess who inherited it?
muahahahah shortie Queenie =D
coral and tiffany blue beaded bracelets: F21
oh and here are the SUPER heels i was talking about earlier! they're my bday present from bestie! love them so so much!
Sam Edelman's "Novato" suede slingbacks!
how can you NOT like these??

thats for for today folks..come back soon =D