December 09, 2010

Unhealthy Obsession

Bianca Black Patent
Lady Peep Glitter
[wedding shoe option?]
Lady Peep
Greissimo Gingham
Sky High+Peep Toe+Gingham+Red Sole=
shoegasm, anyone?

image credit: shoerazzi


~Lisa said...

Loove! ♥ I especially love the red soles! Super eye-catching!

bubbleness said...


My heart fluttered looking at those pictures.

And so excited about your giveaway! I need to brainstorm ideas for a fansig!

Donna ♥ Baby said...

i looove the lady peep glitter!

bebe said...

Why does the first shoe not have red soles? haha.. anyways!

Biancas are my HG loubs.. one day I will own them!! <3

sizbelle said...

these are so gorgeous!!

Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

nice shoes =D

Anny Anh-Thi said...

hey queenie!
i am from montreal & i was wondering what kind of boots can look pretty and still be warm for the winter we have here. uggs seem really hard to maintain in good condition :(

yili said...

the last one reminds me of Bardot's vichy look repettos. lovely!

elleovely said...

Once you have one, you'll want more and more! LOL I can't stop buying them! They're so comfy!! :)

L said...

I'm a recovering CL fan myself! I have acquired a good-size collection, but I can't get excited about most of the new stuff. :\

Jo said...

Unhealthy indeed. On the wallet, on the feet and on the mind. I'm having shoegasm now too!

Miss Queenie said...

feels good to know others share Loubs shoegasm too! haha

Anny Anh-Thi
hey anny, i really wish i could help you..but i fail because all i wear is Uggs and Australia Luxe...which both are hard to maintain. for those really ugly wet slushy winter days, i pull out my Burberry moon boots (circa 2006-2007). they still look pretty awesome, but i dont think Holt's carry anything that looks like it now. other than that...if you want real pretty boots, then i wont be warm..150% sure.

Anonymous said...

i'm totally obsessed w these shoes too!