December 08, 2010

Miss Queenie's 1/2 K GIVEAWAY

YAY finally reached 500 followers on both blogger and twitter!!! **does the happy dance**! so i'm holding a giveaway as promised, just a little something something to thank you guys for following my nonsense! love you all!!! ^_____^"

Follow these simple rules to enter:
1. must be a follower on blogger or twitter, or both. [show me! show me!]
2. make me a fan sign of some sort and take a pic with it! ^^ [u can hide behind the sign if you dont want to show your face!]
3. leave me a comment with the URL of your fansign [+ your email address so i can contact you if you win]
4. link this giveaway on your blog [you can tweet about this too if you wish]! =]

There are 2 packages in my giveaway, so the winner of the 1st place will get the chance to pick first. The runner-up gets the other package. =] The winners will be chosen based on the creativity and awesomeness of their fansign!! so get creative, get crazy, get ready!!!

this giveaway is open internationally!!! you have until December 24th to participate, and the winners will be announced on Christmas day! yay!!!


Lea said...

ohhh am i first???

hehehe i'm a follower.

honeymilk_88 said...

yayyy thank you for organizing another contest :) ill be sure to enter this one! will have to sign up to blogspt and twitter to follow.. can you enter multiple signs? different designs of course!

~Lisa said...

Hmm...I'm not very creative at all but the prizes look so great and it sounds so fun!

cristal said...

the things r so nice luvin juicy earring n harajuku bracelet(baby<3) i think i can join cuz im a big fan of ur makeup n piercings n learned alot of things in ur blog. linked dis at my fb n i also been following u on twitter(cristalkei2) xD

iomoo said...

hi! :) im a follower on bloglovin; i hope that's okay :( it's anonymous but i hope you can trust meeeee!
here's my awkward sign XD

anddd blog post!


Lily said...

Hi Queenie,I'm a follower on blogger but idk how to prove that to you besides print screening it. (Hope I don't look retarded for doing so)

Here's the fan sign. The colors look washed-out because I took the pic with a webcam. (Can you tell that's Tae Yang haha? Hope you like it!)

email -

blog post:

bebe said...

You know me.. harhar.. =D

Anyways the link to my blogpost + fansign and all that good stuff. (=

petitechouxx said...

Hi! i'm a follower (petitechouxx)

here's my fansign xD

here my post about your giveaway

merci pour le giveaway!

honeymilk_88 said...

1. Twitter (babiixkisses), blogspot too! But kept anonymous since I don't blog

2. Fan sign:

3. Thank you for the sweet giveaway! I hope it shows that I put a lot of effort making the sign and gathering the pictures. Hehe I remember reading a post you said you can't drink anything else than Evian! Well the rest of the cut outs are just shoes, accesories and make up that I found cute (: Hope you like it too!

4. I tweeted about the contest, hope it shows up correctly since I'm a noob on Twitter

ali said...

first things first, my fansign! (i couldn't decide which picture so you get two :x lol)

my email address is & i follow you on twitter!
thank you for wishing me a safe trip by the way. i was actually a little freaked cos i flew qantas & we know qantas hasn't exactly had a cruisy year. but other than the occasional turbulence, horrible white chocolate mousse & wailing babIES, i'm safe in singapore! keke can't wait to shop shop shop!

hope you have a lovely lovely christmas & awesome new year's! happy holidays & stay warm!~ ♥♥♥

LittoMokaa said...

Hi Queenie!

I'm a follower as LittoMokaa, on both blogger and twitter =P

My fansign is here :

and my email address is x-mokaa at hotmail dot com :D

I also linked your giveaway and tweeted about it! :)

Joyeuse fete!

bubbleness said...

I finally submitted my entry!

Tweet me if anything?


Andrea said...

omg queenie i am hoping the contest isnt over yet!

i am practically done but i just need to post up the picture later today

hope it is not too late! <3

Andrea said...

hello again miss queenie!
congrats on your 1/2K subbies!
and thanks for the awesome giveaway :)




joey said...

Hey queenie!

1) im a blog and twitter follower :)!/pinkjjycherries

2) my fan sign is here

and here's a close up of the designs of the letters i made lol (yay for cut outs i felt like i was back in grade school!! :D lol fun!! but it took me awhile bc i forgot to make the letter 'U' LOL so my first sign said 'qeenie' and i was looking at it like hmm that doesn't look right!! HAHA then i had to use 2 pieces of papers bc with the extra letter it wouldnt all fit nicely on one piece of paper :( LOL)

3) my email is

4) and i tweeted about the contest too!

hope you like it!!!

merry xmas and happy new year!!!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Queenie:D!!!

I follow you on Twitter (_ebugg)
and google reader/my email (

Here's my sign:

And a close up:

Hope you like it! Thank you for doing a giveaway; I love your blog:D!!! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

I tweeted about the contest to:3

Lisa said...

1. Followed both your blog and twitter with: tralalalisa :)


And I tweeted this! :)

Phew! I knew I was forgetting to do something before Christmas XD but it took me awhile to remember what it was. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!