December 26, 2010

1/2K Giveaway WINNERS!!!

FIRST PLACE goes to Elizabeth!!!
i think her fansign totally reflected the real Miss Queenie!
everything i love is on there..the Fiance, Tatsu, Taeyang, Habs, Red Velvet cupcake, nail polish, Evian water, bows, Hello Kitty, Loubs, handbags and strawberries!! Very well done =]

RUNNER UP goes to Lily!!!
she definitely knows how to shake me...she drew Taeyang, my ultimate bias!!!
Congratulations!!! =D

winners, i will contact you by email very shortly. please check your inbox (or spam box)! for the other participants in this giveaway, i would like to thank you for the time and effort you put into making these fansigns!! i'm sorry i wasn't able to award all of you with a little something, but i will post your signs up on the side bar (once i find out an attempt to make up for everything!

love you all xoxo

p.s. would like to thank my lil sis for helping/confirming my picks =D

December 25, 2010

1/2K Giveaway Entries!!!

Merry Christmas guys/gals!!! i was so K.O. yesterday so i couldnt post the entries as promised!! but here they are =D everyone put so much effort in them. take a look!! i will announce the winner in not too long, so stay tuned. xoxo

December 09, 2010

Unhealthy Obsession

Bianca Black Patent
Lady Peep Glitter
[wedding shoe option?]
Lady Peep
Greissimo Gingham
Sky High+Peep Toe+Gingham+Red Sole=
shoegasm, anyone?

image credit: shoerazzi

December 08, 2010

Miss Queenie's 1/2 K GIVEAWAY

YAY finally reached 500 followers on both blogger and twitter!!! **does the happy dance**! so i'm holding a giveaway as promised, just a little something something to thank you guys for following my nonsense! love you all!!! ^_____^"

Follow these simple rules to enter:
1. must be a follower on blogger or twitter, or both. [show me! show me!]
2. make me a fan sign of some sort and take a pic with it! ^^ [u can hide behind the sign if you dont want to show your face!]
3. leave me a comment with the URL of your fansign [+ your email address so i can contact you if you win]
4. link this giveaway on your blog [you can tweet about this too if you wish]! =]

There are 2 packages in my giveaway, so the winner of the 1st place will get the chance to pick first. The runner-up gets the other package. =] The winners will be chosen based on the creativity and awesomeness of their fansign!! so get creative, get crazy, get ready!!!

this giveaway is open internationally!!! you have until December 24th to participate, and the winners will be announced on Christmas day! yay!!!