November 17, 2010

Ready - Set - WINTER!

so without us noticing, winter is right around the corner again. the store fronts are starting to fill up with festive colors and the city is slowly but surely lighting up, bulb by bulb. it still seems like yesterday when we got dressed up for halloween parties, but alas, we are already mid-November. there's nothing to say and i can't avoid it, the freeze season is making it's annual comeback. *sigh*

to me, the cold season is synonymous of warm jackets, fluffy boots and tons of layers. so first things first, the most important thing to shop for is definitely a winter coat/jacket. i usually alternate, if one year i get a Mackage wool, the next, i will always make sure to get a down jacket (winter buff aka the infamous Canada Goose). it was always like that except i had gotten 2 Mackages back to back once. so last year, i dont know if you remember, but i had bought the Mackage "Hilary" at Holts, so logically, this year would be the turn of a warm down jacket.

at first, me & KingBoo (yes i give him a lot of names, sorry) were supposed to get matching red CG "chilliwack" bombers in red..but then, he complained by saying too many people own CG -honestly speaking, it's true that like 8.9999999/10 people walking down the street wears 1, real and fake mixed together, but i still like mine and wouldn't mind getting another one in the future- so anyways, i proposed another alternative: Moncler. its perfect. the company is pretty well known, is of extremely high quality and most importantly, it's warm, what more can you really ask for from a winter jacket? so i searched a bit online to find retailers in Montreal, turns out only Holt's & Boutique U&I are carrying Moncler outerwear. i remember Simons and ssense had some last winter, but i tried to inquire at both places and they both told me they weren't sure and would contact me as soon as they had more infos. so anyways, i wasn't really counting on those 2 because i was really sure i could find them at the first 2 places mentioned.

started looking beginning of september, it was mostly on their official website. i had picked out 2 styles i liked.
Moncler "Alpin"
no one had this in stock except Bloomies and FML they dont ship to Canada. but anyways, i wouldn't get it even if they did ship it here, because its an important purchase and i like to try it on first before purchasing! i had a hard time finding it online, so you bet it was impossible that Holt's or U&I had it..yup because life sucks like that. you can't always have what you want. even if its a GORGEOUS jacket and my first choice, i had to let it go. *sad* (fiance says it looks like a CG, but he only said that so i wont feel so bad for not being able to buy it! lol)
Moncler "Quincy"
i had seen this one before, it must be one of their classics. saw it on ssense last winter, but its a pity they dont carry the line anymore. so i had to mark this one with a big X as well. *sigh* it's definitely not easy to find these here in Montreal.

by the end of september, i received a call from Holt's saying the men's jackets have arrived (no women's yet), so we went there and it was just so easy for him, he hesitated between 2 jackets, one in grey flannel puffy ("Cezanne") or a classic semi-matte semi-shiny puffy ("Chevalier") and ended up taking the 2nd one because of practicality. we were scared the flannel not being water friendly. so his story ends there, it was as easy as 1-2-3!! after buying his jacket, we went upstairs to the ladies outerwear department to inquire about the women's selection. they showed me a buyer's catalogue, but there was only 2 out of the whole bunch that i liked. by that time, i was really disappointed, but still, i had reserved the one i preferred so i could come and try it on once it arrived in store.

before getting Long's jacket, i had already seen what U&I had to offer, i wasn't really impressed so i had left my name and number and told them to call me as soon as they get anything from Moncler. i promised to drop by once i get their call. a week or 2 after i left them my contact number, the owner called me with good news, a few styles had came in and he told me i HAD to drop by. the day i did, the store was closed for Jewish holidays. *desperate* (do you see how difficult it is to get something you want??? omg..i couldn't believe it)

so after a (whole) LOT of back and forth, i finally got my jacket from U&I! i went for the very safe and classic "Bady" style in shiny black! love it!! it's an investment piece and wont be part of any "out" list anytime soon. =] (smart thinking)

other than a warm jacket, i also needed some new boots for my tootsies (ever since the UGG cleaning experience, i lost all 3 pairs, Sand low, Chestnut high & Bronze high)!! =D so during the stylexchange F&F sale, me, Maya and my sister all bought ourselves the Bailey Button triplet (but in 3 different colors)!! its the cutest thing ever..
left: Ugg Bailey Button Triplet in chestnut
right: Australia Luxe (Limited Edition) Moon Bedouin from last winter

cute details!! ^___^
fluff heaven that i can never get enough of!

other than those 2, this season i went ahead and got myself my long-time (last year) love:
*drum roll*

Australia Luxe Nordic Angel in light grey!! =D
luxe goodness!!

and last but not least, me & boo got matching beanies =D

so those were purchases for the upcoming winter =D hope they will all keep the sickness away and keep me warm for the next 6 months or so! ready - set- WINTER!!! bring it on!

the end xox

happy part is done, now down to more serious business lol:
(please dont look forward to me posting an entry about my birthday present (usually a handbag) from mr. Fiance as we mutually agreed that our Monclers were gonna be bday presents to each other. from the rock he gave me to a trip to VN next February, a brand new condo in July (not to mention furnitures and decorations that will fill it), a wedding in September and a super honeymoon to follow, i was never gonna let him drop a wad on a handbag. (good wifey material hehehe) all these plans evolves around money, we're just being smart! so please dont be disappointed, i love you! ;)


bubbleness said...

You blogged! Yay!

I know what you mean by the annual cold -- it's been raining and miserable looking in Van. And supposedly, we will be having our worst winter ever. I know our winter's can't compare to Montreal's, but I think it may compare this year.

And I love your new jacket! Well, your new jacket buys always makes me quite jealous. And I agree, a warm jacket is a necessity in Canada!It's always so much easier for guys to buy clothes -- almost unfair.

I agree, when you really want to get something -- it's never there!!! Or every force in the world is trying to stop you!

Your uggs look so soft! And the nordic angels look even softer! Which ones do you like better? The Uggs or the Australia Luxe?

And you two are too cute, and very stylish -- the same beanie but wearing it two different ways. May I ask where you got it from?

Disappointed? Never. I'm just looking forward to a wedding post lol.

Bunny said...

wow love those autralian luxes! i'm trying to find a wintercoat also, but i dont like them too shiny. looking for something in the style of CG but the only thing available is mooseknuckle (!?!?) and i find the fur not that nice. if u ever find anything nice in mtl, tell me! lol


I love puffer you chose the most! & the bailey boot! You look super cute in your beanie, I got to wear mine last week! ( : said...

hey homie. I really like your jacket damn O.O You always know how to dress the best~ I'm glad you found something you like. I was such a good boy and listened to you 100%. Tried on canada goose but didn't buy the long expedition style, tried on the mackage you recommended, tried on the burberry one you recommended (they had it in black and white!). Only Queenie would know these fashion things.

When will the boston pictures come up?


TZ said...

Ok , I feel bad for you .
I've been reading your blog for quite a while. So for your moncler, since I bought mine there, try Michel Brisson on Laurier , we might be able to catch up one day in dtown, Montreal .
Sincerely, TZ .

maddy said...

I love your jacket! I was wondering what circle lenses you're wearing in the beanie pic and where did you get them from, it looks very natural!

xoreireixo said...

hey queenie!

i saw that you bought the Bailey UGGs (my fav.) from the stylexchange F&F sale. i just want to let you know that if you ever wanna buy more, like the new Sparkle UGGs, you should use a coupon from

they have one with complimentary shipping.

ps: im in love with your blog! its nice to have a Canadian girl do her thing =)

Miss Queenie said...

shouldn't the cold be worse in Vancity? since its so close to the ocean and all..the wind should be killer no? anyways, its been ok in montreal..nothing too drastic except some snow storms. haha

it IS very unfair. i feel like guys have less choice clothing somewhere along the line, it must be easier since..they dont really have a choice. hahaha

and yes, its better to go shopping with just a little idea in your head and NOT a specific item you want. cuz it always ends up being a fail if you expect too much. =[

even though i LOVE Aussie Luxe's styling, i still prefer Uggs' comfiness. it literally feels like i'm walking on a bed of towels fresh out the dryer. (LOL Corniness at its best).

me & Long's beanies are from Burton =]

honestly, there isn't much out in Montreal in terms of winter wear. =( i really despise Moose Knuckles because to me, it just looks like a CG wannabe. someone told me about the brand and i went on their website only to find out they're a newly established company and only have 2 styles available in both men and women. lol and i heard there's been a lot of returns because the fur is shedding insanely. =X there's Pyrennex, but pretty much everything is shiny from their line =O...i dont know what to tell you. =[ my sister is already thinking about what jacket to get next winter and she's blocking as well.. *sigh* sorry, i failed.

thank you sweetie!! and what kind of beanie did you get? this burton one i bought is really perfect. it falls effortlessly at the back, just the way i want!! =D

you're such a good boy! =P what did u end up buying?? i'm so curious! i dont remember seeing any posts nor pictures on flikr.. =O

hey TZ, when i sent an email to Moncler they only listed Holt's and U&I as the 2 only boutiques in Montreal that carries their line. =[ thats why it was such a pain in the ass! but MB carries only menswear no? how would we catch up lol....since only you know how i look like... *sigh*

they are dolly eye in brown. they are HUGE and dont really look all that natural in real life!! =( its better geo nudy brown!

thanks for the heads up!! =D will def check that out!!

KREMENA said...