November 11, 2010


i'm so behind with my Project 365!!! so here's a mash-up of all the days i missed!! =D enjoy
my mom makes the bestest strawberry smoothie in the world..yumster

was wearing my Taeyang Solar tshirt but the pic did not capture the design on my chest.

cutest nephewww Jayden boy

amazing sunset

Gangster Queenie =]

Princess Queenie

just a random day after a gymming sesh

bleu blanc rouge!

random selca in my car..(oh hello blackberry! how have u been?)

cutie Jayden Boy bf's car mirror is kinda disgusting! the white spot is on the mirror and not my face!

i often get bruises and cuts from being so clumsy!

dimsum on labor was pretty full so us 4 had to squeeze in a tiny table.

hugeee-a$$ pear!

the most adorable band-aid ever! i also have the Disney Princesses band-aids..hehe

Jayden boy is already 1 year old...time sure flies!

mon peche-mignon!

a very humongous pick-up..

present from my babyboo!

mommy's hot pot! =] nom nom nomm

pretty work place! =D

pretty fall hues!

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