November 28, 2010

Mnet Asian Music Awards 2010 [MAMA2010]

YG Fam is freaking EPIC!!! SUNDARA FTW!!!

i told myself i'd stay awake to watch MAMA2010, turned out i was K.O. way before the red carpet event. i woke up this morning and looked for MAMA related videos and news and the girls at YGLadies went nuts and so did i when i saw what happened! MAJOR EPIC moment for YB-Dara shipper like me!!! i'm such a happy little fangirl/shipper right now!! OMYGAHHH i still can't believe it happened!!! i know it was staged because Dara got shot at the end of INAG when they were about to kiss. but the first kiss was totally YB's own doing! lol this was the most perfect belated bday gift/early xmas gift ever! thank youuuu ^____^"

Bom - CL - Gummy had the best reaction lol



2:08, no kiss nor linking arms were part of the
was added by themselves!! AWWWW and also Dara seems to be so eager to point out that Taeyang's jacket and her pants were matching! haha they're being so obvious!! ^___^

CONGRATS TO YGFAM for these following awards:

Album of the Year: 2NE1 To Anyone
Artist of the Year: 2NE1
Female Group Award: 2NE1
Male Singer Award: Taeyang
Best Vocal Performance - Solo: Gummy "Because You're a Man"
Best Digital Single: Park Bom "You & I"
Best Music Video: 2NE1 "Can't Nobody"
Producer Award: PSY [for Seo In Young's Cinderella]
Music Video Director Award: Seo Hyun Seung [Can't Nobody & Clap Your Hands]
Stylist Award: Yang Seung Ho [2NE1's stylist]


Anonymous said...

hahaha...your fangirling was totally hilarious..hahaha....oh well, sundara knocked me out that night..GAAAAAAAAAAD!!! Gosh, YB, talkin 'bout discretion..*aigooo* these 2!

Anonymous said...

Your hair in the halloween outfit is so prewtyyy!!
How do you create that poofy ponytail? and how does the hair band stays up in place? I got to have a tutorial haha, written out will also do ofc :-P


joey said...

drools.... i love how top looks here!!! ekkks his face is so pretty!

Miss Queenie said...

Anonymous 1
not my fault! they are too hot, they're like forcing me to fangirl!!! a total Sundara shipper. can't picture her with anyone else..=D

Anonymous 2
thank you!! i will do a youtube vid for the poofy ponytail!! please be patient as i am a lazy ass!! haha

he is def handsome that one!! and i love his beast voice!