November 02, 2010

2NE1 - It Hurts

my favorite girl group EVAHHH!
the vid came out on halloween, but i was too busy and had no time to post this.
lovely Ssantoki was teasing fans with clues and posters a few days prior..
but its finally here and its beautiful!! i honestly had teary eyes watching this..

this is in-your-face type of them max!

*i wanna cover this so bad*


sunniipinky said...

I loved it too! I just wished that Dara had more lines. She can do more than that! Her hair was a little whoa...but I think they're trying to go for the Tim Burton look so all a-okay. Honestly, 2NE1 might be the only girl group in the business that can pull off crazy looks like these and make it awesome.


<3<3<3 i wish i was in korea for this.

Calia Yang said...

this MV was perfect to come out on Halloween. but its such a sad song!

bebe said...

Love it too~

I ran into it while looking at some of their other videos and it's just wonderful.

Love 2NE1<3