October 02, 2010

BAEGASMIC LOVE [Taeyang-YoungBae]

LOVE box from Korea!
guess what came in the mail for me? dont scream and go crazy and please dont even think of killing me!!! muahahaha
tease tease teaseeee
look carefully!! =D
yep yep, Taeyang's Solar Deluxe Edition album!!
so many things to see, i didn't know where to start.
i love everything, the design/concept, the photobook, the pic the TAETAE tshirt!! everything..but most importantly, i love the CD and the content. =D
he's oozing with sexiness this guy. i dont care if he's so much younger than me..let me dream a little here, will ya?

CAUTION: following pictures may cause sudden dizziness and unstable heart pulse, please do not view if you have heart disease or any other type of hyperventilation problems. viewer's discretion is advised. thank you. xox

dont lie to me, dont tell me no durrtyyy thoughts are running through your mind at this moment!! liarrrr!!! BAEGASMIC indeed. its ok, i feel you, girl!
i wear this tshirt out so proudly...so proud people think i'm crazy. lol

oh and even though i'm a taetae lover, i LOVE when he's paired up with 2NE1's Dara!!
i think he has something for her and it shows. lol just watch the behind the scenes clips of the mv and you will know what i'm referring to. =D TAEDARA-DARAYANG shipper!!! =D

thats it for today gals (and boys), it was just a very random post, but better this than nothing right? =D xox


miss D said...

haha your obssession is cute :) taeyangs hot though and i love his songs & that tee!! hehe hows your wedding planning going? i wonder how pretty & glamorous your wedding will be lol

bubbleness said...

Taeyang! <3 <3 <3

He's got such a cute smile! And the photobook! Drool.

Andrea said...

i love the little disclaimer you put before the pictures

it was much needed :)

Vy said...

omggg i'm so jealous! he's so hot

brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

yuck~ (im a boy you can't expect me to like staring at that)

anyway. Not sure why I havent commented yet even though i read all of this - but I will do so now!

I like your niagara falls pic :) You didn't go to the canadian falls either (the area that's always wet). ME NEITHER.. I just didn't want to bother getting soaked so I stayed away lol. The speaker from pmall made me laugh.

I liked how you used the hot girl pic in your alexander wang post (I was too chicken to post it after 3 of my readers said they saw their friends in my photos). I wonder who she is but man she's cute. Awesome writeup overall~~

martienn said...

your blog is realy fantastic ; ) ;*
i like it !!

if you want, follow me and write comment ; * <3

The Little Dust Princess said...

LOL You're a major Tae Yang fan. :P I've never seen him with facial hair before. WOW.

xx The Little Dust Princess