September 04, 2010


"Retro Assassin is a secret society of style vigilantes united in their mission to rid the streets of fashion crimes and apparel injustice. Sworn to defend the Assassin’s creed of self-confidence, individual expression and personal style, this league of rogue warriors and stealth ninjas are committed to restoring the balance of the fashion landscape by annihilating the relics of yesterday’s trends.

To be an assassin one must be forward thinking and fashion-conscious, for the secrets of this clan are exclusive to those who intuitively understand the principles governing the Art of Style. Armed with acute aesthetic sensibilities, the clan takes their cue from the timeless wisdom of fashion gurus whose teachings are infused into Retro Assassin’s modern philosophies. The manner in which members represent themselves should reflect the sacred teachings of the clans’ leaders, for successful adherence to this code distinguishes the allied from the uninitiated.

Using their sharp, intuitive senses and keen insight, members must always be on guard against imposters and impersonators who threaten the ideals of the group. Symbolic of one’s allegiance, the RA badge is worn as a pledge to defend the standards of self-presentation and to conquer, in true assassin fashion that, which falls below the criteria.

Theirs is a society where status and style coincide, and triumph hinges on the past’s demise and the future’s design. In a modern battlefield of competition and casual tees, creativity and change are the armor of victors and complacency is always accompanied by defeat. In the Assassin’s world, to adapt is to survive, but to revolutionize is to thrive."

Labels with such a hardcore mission are very rare in the fashion industry nowadays. An usual company would aim for mass market profits and usually overlooks the design and quality of the garments produced. The stores are covered with déjà-vu brands with re-heated prints that come back season after season. In my eyes, brands that shoots to popularity too fast hits the ground twice as fast. A coveted t-shirt can no longer retain its core value once every single person walking down the street sports it. This is where Retro Assassin comes in to save us from wearing the same "uniform" everyone else is wearing. Their line focuses mainly on t-shirts with detailed prints, not to mention the fit is also pure perfection. Since they are an underground and independent label, only a few stores has the privilege to carry their exclusive line.

the "Letterz" t-shirt

Limited Edition "Ninja" Hoodie


Andrea said...

i am loving that t shirt!

kinda wish they made it for girls and kinda wish they had an online store; no access to the line here in the us :'(


Anonymous said...

which camera do you use? your pictures are amazing!

YUJLIA said...

aww, wished they shipped online, I sooo wanna get one for my boyfriend :(