September 16, 2010

[PROJECT 365] Day 128

yuckness x 1000

3 comments: said...

bow tie picture of you = <3 <3

There's a Hermes store near Holt Renfrew in Toronto. I dunno what's special about that stuff but I hear it's beyond expensive. Do you own a Hermes bag?

Paul frank headphones from sister = YEAHH!!!! I used to wear so much paul frank stuff in high school. Hoodies, t shirts, scarf. Ppl started calling me paul frank lol. Is it true that ALL paul frank hoodies are for women? Mine was just pain blue so nobody noticed but I think I've heard this.

Anyway cool beans. Take caren ow.

Anonymous said...

Queenie you need to update more frequently i miss how frequently you used to blog.

Miss Queenie said...

Mr. Turtle:
thanks!! ^^
i dream about a Birkin and a Kelly...but you've heard right, Hermes IS beyond expensive!! =( i will not own any of those unless i have a mutli million dollar mansion, a nice exotic car and all those things related to pure wealth. lol

i miss blogging too!!! will go back to it once the time is my life seems so hectic, so many things to do, to plan, to prepare, i rarely take pix anymore. =( i'm sorry.