September 29, 2010


I dedicate this blog entry to dearest Kevin of Brutal Turtle.

around 2 months ago (july 21st), Holt Renfrew held a special event for famous Designer and CFDA winner Alexander Wang. at first, this really ticked me off, because it was 1. held in Toronto 2. in the freaking middle of the week. since i just started at this company, there was no way i could've taken a day off to attend a meet & greet session. so i thought and thought and thought and then idea popped up out of no where. why not ask a favor to somebody who actually lives there to attend for me? but then i thought to myself, who in the world would give enough of a damn to do this? this question buzzed in my head a little while and then i thought of someone..honestly, i dont really know who he is, i've never met him in person, have no idea what he looks like and we have no contact except through the blogging world and via twitter updates. now to think of it, we are almost complete strangers. from his comments and blog entries, i labeled him as a nice and very down to earth person, he seems to be very honest and kind, so i told myself "why not?" the worst i could get was a "no" from him right? and so i went ahead and asked him if he had work on that day..fortunately for me, he didn't. i went straight to the point and got an answer almost instantly. he was willing to lend me a hand and grant me my wish!!!

Turtle succeeded his mission flawlessly (with the help of his good friend Andrew)
these are all pictures from the event he took for me:

curious to know why Miss Queenie appeared on Turtle's cellphone?
go read HERE

left: Andrew, right: A.Wang

thats Turtle in the striped polo shirt
this is the most i've seen of this person named Turtle! ^^

Alex Wang saw my face and wrote my name.
all this thanks to Kevin & his friend Andrew.

thank you guys so much for your hard work, you could've rejected this mission, but you did not. even if we dont know each other in real life, you were willing to do this for me and it means the world. i could never be thankful enough!! thank you x infinityyy

Queen B. =)


Calia Yang said...

awww that was super sweet of andrew and b.turtle!! I read b.turtle's post and read the storyline!! LOL so cute!! YAY for an autograph!!

The Little Dust Princess said...

LOL That's such a cute story! Now I know who that picture was of. I just happened to be on your blog by chance too. LOVE WANG!

xx The Little Dust Princess