September 29, 2010

Speedy Getaway

hey guys!!! it feels like its been centuries since my last entry. i know my blog updates are slow nowadays, i can barely keep up with my Project 365. i never get the chance to post as i promised, sorry. anyways, here's a quite lengthy post to make up for lost time. =) dont stop loving me, k?

anyways, for those of you who follow my Twitter probably already know i was in Toronto last weekend. it was the most ridiculously short getaway i've ever been on. Prince's aunts from Vietnam are here for a couple of weeks, so his parents decided to bring them to TO for a weekend. we left saturday at 3am and went directly to Niagara Falls. spent the day walking around, it hasn't changed that much since last time we came. the falls are still very pretty just as i remembered. here are a few pix we took there:
tired from the trip, but still smiley as always =)
poor boo, he drove while everyone else was sleeping, including me! T_T"
tired face and sleepy eyes...sitting in a car for a few hours doesn't do anything good for you.
and please excuse the lame outfit, i really needed to be comfy in the car and sweatpants was the best option! its the WF "bite me" pair, everyone was looking at my ass laughing lol.

after Niagara Falls, we dropped them in Chinatown for them to do whatever business they had to do. in the meantime, me & boo walked around Eaton Center while waiting for them. Every time i go to TO, i feel the rush to get myself some A&F, its always good as lounge/airport wear. practical to have extra sweat pants and hoodies, no? later, we went back to the hotel to do the check-in (Hilton Markham as usual). that night, we went to Keung's to have dinner. it was ok, nothing too spectacular, but my in-laws seems to really like it because the next morning, we went there for "breakfast" as well. i would've been more happy if we ate somewhere else, but i'm not the party pooper type so..yeah. =]

these are the goodies i bought on Sunday, i told you i'd be prancing around Pmall like a delusional and i did. =D didn't buy as much as i thought. the main reason i like going there is because i can stock up on my BB Creams..this time, the beauty store was closed!! it was so annoying because we saw lights through the front, came back twice but it was still closed. so frustrating! anyways, i bought some other goodies to cheer myself up. =]

all sorts of cute asian junk! =D
this one was the cutest!! he's a speaker =] can be used with laptop or cellphone, ipad or whatever thing that plays music and has the same jack. so adorable and look at the price! such a bargain!! =D

i actually wanted to buy the tiger one, but they only had a few left and it was all cats or bears. its still cute no?

here's what i got from A&F:
Cass Hoodie in heather grey
Perfect Butt Banded sweats in Dark and Light heather grey
funny how i bought the hoodie in size Medium for it to be comfy, but these sweatpants are both size XS and fit me like a glove. *puzzled*

new tights from Club Monaco..fishnet and swiss dots =] so cute!!
and that concludes my buys from last weekend.

Since we're on the shopping topic, here are a few note worthy things i recently got:
adorable Angel & Devil silicone skins for the little sister. bought them at Chapters in case you were wondering.

cutie khaki wool cardigan my boyfriend got me from Zara. so cozy and comfy. can't wait for it to be a little more chilly outside so i can wear this. Military style is in and since i dont think i can pull it off, maybe wearing the color would be sufficient.

my FAVORITE recent beauty discovery!!!

i was running out of Two Faced pressed powder and there's no Sephora downtown and since i was already at Holts, i decided to pop up at the Chanel beaute counter. asked them a good pressed powder that reduces excess sebum and not too heavy on coverage. she recommended this, i bought it without hesitation and i couldn't be more happy. its the most awesome powder i have ever used!!! lasts a lot longer than Two Faced version. well worth the money. even though it is more than double the price, its ok because i apply a lot less than the other one. the Two Faced powder needed more touch ups throughout the day compared to this one. =D Queenie is happy! (how much u wanna bet that some of you will probably be RUNNING to the Chanel counter to get yourselves this miracle in a compact? or some might even insist on their friends to make sure they get 2 or 3 for their upcoming bday...if yknow what i mean *cough cough* Nars Orgasm *cough* lol)
it gives me a dewy non cakey finish like thisss ;)

finally got the chance to try out the White Mud Nose Pack YF brought back for me from Taiwan!! it really work...gets all sort of gunk out of your face you didn't even know existed. lol i totally forgot to take an "after" pic and a pic of the nasty thing off. but it does work SUPER well. i promise!! these are the only pix i took:

very sticky and gooey, just like glue when you touch the substance.
eek my large pores and freckles, i didn't mean to scare you! haha

ok picture BONUS time:
hello =]
played around with different filters in PS and thought this looked interesting.

ok, TA TAaaa lovers



I dedicate this blog entry to dearest Kevin of Brutal Turtle.

around 2 months ago (july 21st), Holt Renfrew held a special event for famous Designer and CFDA winner Alexander Wang. at first, this really ticked me off, because it was 1. held in Toronto 2. in the freaking middle of the week. since i just started at this company, there was no way i could've taken a day off to attend a meet & greet session. so i thought and thought and thought and then idea popped up out of no where. why not ask a favor to somebody who actually lives there to attend for me? but then i thought to myself, who in the world would give enough of a damn to do this? this question buzzed in my head a little while and then i thought of someone..honestly, i dont really know who he is, i've never met him in person, have no idea what he looks like and we have no contact except through the blogging world and via twitter updates. now to think of it, we are almost complete strangers. from his comments and blog entries, i labeled him as a nice and very down to earth person, he seems to be very honest and kind, so i told myself "why not?" the worst i could get was a "no" from him right? and so i went ahead and asked him if he had work on that day..fortunately for me, he didn't. i went straight to the point and got an answer almost instantly. he was willing to lend me a hand and grant me my wish!!!

Turtle succeeded his mission flawlessly (with the help of his good friend Andrew)
these are all pictures from the event he took for me:

curious to know why Miss Queenie appeared on Turtle's cellphone?
go read HERE

left: Andrew, right: A.Wang

thats Turtle in the striped polo shirt
this is the most i've seen of this person named Turtle! ^^

Alex Wang saw my face and wrote my name.
all this thanks to Kevin & his friend Andrew.

thank you guys so much for your hard work, you could've rejected this mission, but you did not. even if we dont know each other in real life, you were willing to do this for me and it means the world. i could never be thankful enough!! thank you x infinityyy

Queen B. =)

September 28, 2010

[PROJECT 365] Day 142

made by the Kitchen Goddess aka my mothurr

[PROJECT 365] Day 141

Miss Queenie doll

[PROJECT 365] Day 140

cute song!

[PROJECT 365] Day 139

Niagara Falls =) always as beautiful

[PROJECT 365] Day 138

he makes me durrrtayyy

[PROJECT 365] Day 137

sex shoes...

[PROJECT 365] Day 136

watched it and was scared to death!

[PROJECT 365] Day 135

pauvre fille...

[PROJECT 365] Day 134

chevaux policiers de Montreal, je les vois tous les matins quand il fait beau dehors. =]

[PROJECT 365] Day 133

bed, sectional, dining table, chairs bought =]