August 30, 2010


i want these Burberry shearling booties so bad...but 1095$USD is kind of a lot for boots i will only wear for 1 season. the snow is really crap here...will get ruined for sure and by next winter, the style will already be considered outdated. never mind next year, people would've already forgotten the hype by spring time. *sigh*

wtheooo is going on with all these trapeze shape heels? so ugly!!!

these are examples of fur done wrong. ew.


bubbleness said...

Those stacked heels look terrible! And the fur on all those boots? Oh my. Not practical whatsoever -- especially in the rain/snow. But then again, I see girls wearing those in the SUMMER. I know, what a travesty.

Kylie said...

the last 2 collages...the shoes are truly....WTF indeed. the trapeze shaped heels are just so funny tho xD

maddy said...

Those Burberry boots are gorgeous though! Those ugly shoes remind me of's Ugly Shoe of the Week feature - barf.


oooooooh i have the burberry booties saved on my laptop since the show. im lusting over them too!!