August 11, 2010

Color Inspiration

Antique Photograph

Sweet Lollipop

Something Blue

Violet Dream

all 4 collages were done with Polyvore.


♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

I love the colors of the first pic.. it has a very classic princess feel to it. =)

An Tran said...

for some reason, the SOMETHING BLUE fits you most, maybe bcuz u like tiffanys so much and it reminded me of you haha

bubbleness said...

Such lovely palettes!

Antique and sweet lollipop are my faveourites.

♥HongxHanh♥ said...

i like the antique one i think its very classy and elegant. i wish you the best queenie!

Miss Queenie said...

it does give out a princess feel right?

An Tran
i really like tiffany blue, but no one around me likes it as a theme for my wedding..including the fiance! =S

they're my faves as well!

everyone seems to prefer the Antique =] me too! and thanks for the nice wishes!! =D