July 12, 2010

[PROJECT 365] Day 58

1/2 the weight, double the height = asian Gisele Bundchen...
but i guess Buddha was not that good to me.
at least, i can console myself with my 20 bucks brazilian bikini!! muahahaha 


KevD said...

flat. from the neck to the tummy ;P

Miss Queenie said...

yup...i wasn't really blessed in the boobs department either. hahaha so sorry

bebe said...

haha.. whatever @ kevD..

flaunt what you got dear!! =D

snowglobelife said...

hot stuff ;) love the bathing suit
agreed with bebe!

love this concept on posting everyday pics...so i sorta stole your idea, hope you don't mind!

check out my blog

brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

^i hope you know who kevd is because it's not turtle (also a kevin)... I would never say that to you :S

Miss Queenie said...

thanks for the support babe! ^^

will check it out! =D omg this project was not invented by me, dont say you stole it! lol i got inspired from another blog too! hehe

i know you would never do such a thing to me. ^^