July 06, 2010

Hello Hotness ;]

awww Taeyang + Dara = CUTE!!! have you seen his smile?? how can one not melt?

his eyebrow move at the end gave me an orgasm...no kidding lol

quick, get me a bucket so i can drool nonchalantly!


coffretgorge said...

you're so funny! :)

Cookie said...

I'm usually a TY/YB girl...but hell T.O.P got me droppin my panties! hahaha Turn it up is kinda reminicent of Snoop's drop it like its hot :P

Karen said...

t.o.p. is SO hot. omggggg! <3

Miss Queenie said...

thanks...i guess hahaha

he's not like DROP dead gorgeous, but there's something about him that drives me insane!! lol i sound like a freak.

oh yeah he is!! OMGAH!

Anonymous said...

omfg seeing taeyang's new video made me melt all over -_-" mann so damn sexy!