July 26, 2010

Cute Bow Tutorial ^^

when i bought the July issue of ViVi magazine, i noticed there were an abnormal amount of girls sporting scarves tied up into bows and worn as headbands. this trend is wayyy too cute to pass up so i decided to willingly follow it. =D i've received countless compliments whenever i have it on, but beware, this is definitely more on the cute side rather than the sexy one.
Maya's cousins came to visit (from Ottawa) and called me Hello Kitty.
Hello Kitty's cute...so its a good thing no? lol
i got a lot of stares and glares that day...mehh do i look like i care? ;)

oh but when i went to the Makeup Forever counter at the Bay ste-catherine, the girls asked told me it looked awesome and asked me if it bothers me if she did the same thing..errhhh...its so awkward, i told her to go ahead because i did NOT invent this. hahahaha but i guess there aren't too many girls in Montreal with this look yet, maybe thats why. *shrug*

i like it i like it i like it i like it a lot =]

easiest tutorial known to mankind, here's how to prep your scarf:
you need 1 square-ish scarf
1. bring 2 opposite corners together to get a triangle
2. fold the corners down to the edge
3. fold again
4. and fold 1 last time
my scarf was huge, thats why i had to fold so much.
you should have a scarf with the width of approximately 1.5" to 2"
you're all set...please watch the following video for the bow tutorial =D

thank you for watching =D
please comment or like if you can xoxo

p.s. the song is obviously Taeyang's I Need a Girl **drools**


Tara said...

this is cute!

check out my blog @ beneaththesunn.blogspot.com

bubbleness said...

Such a cute tutorial! Love your Alexander McQueen scarf btw.

Anonymous said...

awesome =D Does the bow ever slip off during the day though? I lol'ed at you fixing your hair for a long time at the end xD

Cowbiscuits said...

so cute! just tried it :D

~Lisa said...

Super kawaii!!! I guess it does look like Hello Kitty but I was thinking of Minnie Mouse xP


coffretgorge said...

gotta love ViVi for the girly cuteness overload! :)

you look cute with the HUGE bow sitting on top of your head :) thanks for the tutorial! i dont have a YT account but if i had one i'd def. LIKE it! :)

A Stylish Affair said...

You look so cute with this look, wonderful tutorial! Love the scarf you used as well.

kalai said...

cute~ and great tutorial.. think this is too cute for me though^^ xx

bebe said...

cutee! thanks for the tut! =D

ps. love the song.. <3

miemiemie said...

so cute on you! yes on hello kitty :) i wouldn't sport this myself though, i find it cute on others and not on myself hehe

Miss Queenie said...

thank youuu for the nice comments!! btw...my skull scarf is not a McQueen!! i bought it at zara for 20 bucks =D