July 05, 2010

À bientôt mes Amours

Thursday June.24.2010
after going dim sum with our bffs [click here for Maya's blog] at Kam Fung, our usual spot, we headed to TD's house for the Japan/Denmark game. it was very exciting as we were all Blue Samurai shippers. a big part of TD's family lives in Japan and he, himself was born there and Maya's his girlfriend...so she's with him 100% =D
my lovely Fiance in his Nakamura jersey..i made fun of him because #10 was injured and didnt really play during this series. lol

camwhorage during breaks
OMG OMG OMG Maya made me try these ice cream mochi and it was love at first bite!! honestly, these are so tasty!! red bean ice cream mochi are the shizzle!! [lol i like to add a bit of ghetto-ness for a bit of fun and excitement to a relatively boring sentence]
take note girls [and boys], these are extremely yum and addictive!
sorry, more camwhorage from me...
i was placing my hair because my bf was gonna take a pic of us, but he took 1 without us knowing and this is the result. lol
=P blehhh u suck bb!
he really likes his jersey.
=] shy
while in chinatown, i bought myself the July issue of ViVi mag. oh how i love this magazine so much that i'm willing a hard earned 35 dollars on it when i know in Japan, it only costs like 5 bucks USD. sad sad...but i like the content and each page is a beauty, style, fashion inspiration, so i guess its worth it. *sighhhh*
during half time, i had enough time to apply a Chanel Trompe L'Oeil for my bestie Maya! =D
step UNO
step DOS
and final step! =D i think she was pretty satisfied with my job! ;)
she liked her temporary tattoo so much that the next day, she dropped by Adrenaline tattoo parlor for a quote. they were amazed as they thought it was a real one! they are professionals yet couldn't differentiate fake from real, thats how amazing these look!!
lol it looks like they're playing ps3!
i was SOOOO happy when they won against Denmark i felt they could take on anyone! but unfortunately, everyone knows what happened at the round of 16...so sad! =[
i will see you guys in 4 years, hoping you will make it even further than this edition of the World Cup. farewell for now and take care boys!!!

it was a day well spent! had a good time, talked and laughed...and then at night, i went to Nguyen Phi to help my 'rents! =D


PetiteAsianGirl said...

Those Chanel temporary tattoos are beautiful...I actually like the one without the logo better. How much did they quote her for the real tattoo? : )

Anonymous said...

Hey Queenie !
the circle lense look lovely !
can you tell me what brand they are ?

ArzuSonmez said...

I really really love the tattoo!! As they're temporary, how long does it last ?

bubbleness said...

You are your finance looks so cute wearing your jerseys!

Those Chanel tattoos look so nice! How long did they last?

Miss Queenie said...

thanks girl! they told her because it will have tons of details and shading..its gonna cost around 350$

thank you! the circle lens are Wonder SUPER Nudies in brown. =]

the tattoos stays nice for about 2 weeks if you dont rub on it. at 2 weeks, when i wanted to wash it off, it was really hard..i had to scrub and scrub hard until everything came off.

thank you hun! ^^ as for the tattoos, please look at the commen i wrote above! =D

Anonymous said...

Hey, you got SNSD's "Oh!". :D