July 08, 2010

BABY me!

LIMITED EDITION picture!!! lol

Ok look, i know i haven't been posting too much lately and on top of that, i've been such a slacker with my Project 365. so i'm gonna try and win your love back with some EXTREMELY rare pictures of myself in my younger years!! errr no making fun please!!! lol... so enjoy!
my favorite pacifier

i was a rather fat baby...

a personal favorite of mine, me and momma!!

mum and i again

how come i NEVER look in the right direction?
i'm not very good with instruction i guess...

at some temple..how do u like the knee high socks with the brown sandals? lol

i love this outfit so much! pink + white = love

my father asked me to sing for him and i did =]

errr...tomboy phase...lol

overalls + high tops + puffy coat...chyeahhh i was in!

thats all, loves! hope this is enough to satisfy you guys for now...until my next post.

p.s. i totally got inspired by Turtle's blog where he posted a kiddie pic of himself! HA! ok bye nowww


bebe said...

hahaha.. cutee!!

i love looking through my baby pictures! =D

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww soo cute~!
When I was little my mom dressed me in those dolly-style dresses

Shanghainesedumpling said...

Awww Queenie, those are precious pictures, you're so cute as always :).

I'm sorry that I haven't visited your blog for a while, there's a bit of drama happening to my old blog and google, but anyway I'm slowly finding my way back to the blogs I follow now :)

Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

you were way cuter than now :)

Miss Queenie said...

lol thanks ^^
me too i like looking at my baby pix and asking my parents to tell me about them. =]

from me pix, i find that i haven't worn THAT many dresses when i was little...i guess i was more of a tomboy than a girlie girl! lol

HI GIRLLLL!!! how've you been?? i haven't seen a blog post from your part for such a LONG time! i hope all is good with you and your family. how's little pork bun doing nowadays? let me know, cant wait to hear from you!

at least i was cute at some point :) thanks for the compliment.

brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

and I'm back~

hey beautiful! Sorry I haven't been leaving messages lately but actually I didn't miss a beat! I put you in my reader and went through every post made recently :) But I got yelled at and HMPH by you so let me leave a few sentences first lol

-The baby pictures were very cute lol =D What a funny post. That wasn't montreal though was it? I think you told me you weren't born here~ Good job on this.

-Yo I didn't know TD was Japanese :O!!! I knew you supported japan but now it makes even more sense!! Those jerseys were friggin awesome. I've been looking around for a Canada / Hong Kong international football jersey, I'll report back with pictures if I ever find it. I almost fainted when I saw the pic of you sticking your tongue out + bow tie hairband. I told all my ex girlfriends that bow tie hairbands tickled my fancy lol (I just think it's too cute).

-I have no comment for the bikini pic. Actually I have a hundred flirty comments on it but I'll hold back to not sound creepy LOL. I still can't believe you're engaged... it just boggles my mind you know?

-Queenie is it safe to buy from etsy? I saw a lot of iphone pouches I wanted on there but I've never purchased from that website. It's safe right? No issues at all? Wicked set of hairbands btw - so cute O.O

-I want that belt you got dad for father's day. I want those shoes too. I saw a burberry leather belt that has a swivel buckle (both sides of the belt are patterned and you can reverse it to wear a different style). $300, what do you think. Worth it? yes or no?

-LOL at long calling your father "dad" and making you giddy for the entire day XD

And I believe I'm all caught up ^_^ I do admire how you take the time to comment on so many people's blogs. I get lazy and I only have like 70 readers :S More importantly I'm kinda proud you placed me in your VIP tweets. Makes me feel special.

Replying to you:
Thx for pinching my cheeks HAHA. Glad you liked my pix. PS - I'm not too sad about Japan not winning! Of course I wish they would do well but honestly... Asian countries have NEVER done well in sports. NEVER. They achieved the best they could and just be proud of it right? :)

I think Montreal has a lot of good points too. It feels so different compared to the rest of Canada and we might get some crappy clothing stores but you live in such a different "feeling" place. Queenie if you could choose, would you be in Montreal or Toronto? You want the latest stores or you like European feel more?

Those fangirls are NOT my girlfriends! I wish they were! Such gorgeous people these bloggers are (of course you are prettiest) but ya they shower me with lots of love. Dont feel cheap by leaving something small, I'm blessed by your presence itself. You know it's funny how you know of fried milk at Keung's - I guess many people do because it's just so delicious hahahaha. I'll take some nice pictures of the fried milk and post it online to lure you back into my arms~

brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

okay it originally said my comment was too long and then said it's waiting for your approval. So tweet me if it didn't work and got cut off kk?

bubbleness said...

Awww, you were adorable! (Not that you aren't adorable now, lol).

Fat babies are the cutest babies! (Coming from a fat baby too!). Your mom is also gorgeous in those pics. And the pic with you and the knee high socks and bow in your hair? Very Blair Waldorf like.

ladyish said...

you were such an adorable baby. Seems like every little asian girl had the same hair huh? Born with a head full of wild hair then cut with a bowl. Mine was the same.