July 26, 2010

Cute Bow Tutorial ^^

when i bought the July issue of ViVi magazine, i noticed there were an abnormal amount of girls sporting scarves tied up into bows and worn as headbands. this trend is wayyy too cute to pass up so i decided to willingly follow it. =D i've received countless compliments whenever i have it on, but beware, this is definitely more on the cute side rather than the sexy one.
Maya's cousins came to visit (from Ottawa) and called me Hello Kitty.
Hello Kitty's cute...so its a good thing no? lol
i got a lot of stares and glares that day...mehh do i look like i care? ;)

oh but when i went to the Makeup Forever counter at the Bay ste-catherine, the girls asked told me it looked awesome and asked me if it bothers me if she did the same thing..errhhh...its so awkward, i told her to go ahead because i did NOT invent this. hahahaha but i guess there aren't too many girls in Montreal with this look yet, maybe thats why. *shrug*

i like it i like it i like it i like it a lot =]

easiest tutorial known to mankind, here's how to prep your scarf:
you need 1 square-ish scarf
1. bring 2 opposite corners together to get a triangle
2. fold the corners down to the edge
3. fold again
4. and fold 1 last time
my scarf was huge, thats why i had to fold so much.
you should have a scarf with the width of approximately 1.5" to 2"
you're all set...please watch the following video for the bow tutorial =D

thank you for watching =D
please comment or like if you can xoxo

p.s. the song is obviously Taeyang's I Need a Girl **drools**

[pROJECT 365] Day 77

simplest outfit everrr ~~

[pROJECT 365] Day 76

just a big kid at heart ^^

[pROJECT 365] Day 75

i live a dangerous life =O

July 22, 2010


my bff Maya sent me a little story. she had warned me beforehand that it's a cute but sad story. i was curious and so i told her to send it to me anyways. here it is:

A boyfriend gave his girlfriend a challenge to live a day without him. No communications whatsoever. If she passed it, he'll love her forever. The girlfriend agreed. She did not text him or call him for an entire day. She did this without knowing that her boyfriend had only 24 hours to live because of a cancer that he had. The next day, she excitedly went to her boyfriend's house. Tears fell as she saw her boyfriend laying in a coffin with a note on the side saying: "You did it, babe. Can you do it everyday?...I love you.

OMFG...i totally teared when i read it..and had goosebumps too.. it kinda reminds me of the motorcycle story:

(A girl and a guy were speeding over 100 mph on a motorcycle)

gf: "Slow down, I'm scared."
bf: "No, this is fun."
gf: "No, it's not. Please, it's too scary!"
bf: "Then tell me you love me."
gf: "Fine, I love you. Slow down!"
bf: "Now give me a BIG hug." (girl hugs him)
bf: "Can you take my helmet off and put it on? It's bugging me."

In the papers the next day: A motorcycle had crashed into a building because of break failure. Two people were on the motorcycle, but only one survived.

The truth was that half way down the road, the guy realized that his breaks broke, but he didn't want to let the girl know. Instead, he had her say she loved him, felt her hug one last time, then had her wear his helmet so she would live even though it meant he would die.

sorry for such a depressing post, i felt the need to post this. haha
i promise next post will be more lively and happy!! =D

until next time, xoxo

[PROJECT 365] Day 74

focus on the ring please (so cute!! ^^ F21 girls!),
my hands are too crappy..need manicure NAOOO!

[PROJECT 365] Day 73

the "empty" light goes on for the first time in 4 years...

July 20, 2010

Mysterious Package

the other day, i came home to a notice saying the postman had dropped by with a package for me. i thought it was the LEDs my bf ordered online so i went to pick it up. once they gave me the package...the box was heavier than i had expected. car LEDs can't be THAT heavy right? so i came home and opened the box with precaution. guess what i found inside?
some Got2Be hair products! i checked on the package and it comes from "Blue Town"...is it a company? i have no idea, i tried googling it and haven't found anything that matches the address on the box. i would like to know if this is from any of you, my dear lovely readers.
is my hair that bad that people take pity and feel the need to send me some smoothing lotion? hahaha

the box contained a TON of coupons too. might have to include a few in the next giveaway. ;)
extra random picture..hehe

until next time my loves! ^^

p.s. the last picture is a preview for the next entry! =P

[PROJECT 365] Day 72

when you know...you know ;]

July 19, 2010

July 15, 2010

[PROJECT 365] Day 67

World, say hello to my Hello Kitty chopstick+case. =]
do you see how long i've had these for? 1999-2010. dude...thats a long time.
and i still use them for my lunches.. hehe

July 13, 2010

[PROJECT 365] Day 65

man in suit on a scooter?...i like

[PROJECT 365] Day 64

right after the wedding, we went clubbing =]
haven't danced liked this for a while. the club was stanking...but it was a lot of fun!

[PROJECT 365] Day 63

did Maya's makeup..she had a wedding to attend. =]

[PROJECT 365] Day 62

yes, we are dorks. it was raining like CRAZYYYY!

[PROJECT 365] Day 61

HATE this!!!! freaking construction drives me nuts!!!

[PROJECT 365] Day 60

kids running around having fun under the fountain during the heat wave in Montreal

[PROJECT 365] Day 59

cute flowers in the middle of nowhere

July 12, 2010

[PROJECT 365] Day 58

1/2 the weight, double the height = asian Gisele Bundchen...
but i guess Buddha was not that good to me.
at least, i can console myself with my 20 bucks brazilian bikini!! muahahaha 

[PROJECT 365] Day 57

major FAIL! was sticking my tongue out,
but i guess the shutter speed on my bb is crap.

July 08, 2010

BABY me!

LIMITED EDITION picture!!! lol

Ok look, i know i haven't been posting too much lately and on top of that, i've been such a slacker with my Project 365. so i'm gonna try and win your love back with some EXTREMELY rare pictures of myself in my younger years!! errr no making fun please!!! lol... so enjoy!
my favorite pacifier

i was a rather fat baby...

a personal favorite of mine, me and momma!!

mum and i again

how come i NEVER look in the right direction?
i'm not very good with instruction i guess...

at some temple..how do u like the knee high socks with the brown sandals? lol

i love this outfit so much! pink + white = love

my father asked me to sing for him and i did =]

errr...tomboy phase...lol

overalls + high tops + puffy coat...chyeahhh i was in!

thats all, loves! hope this is enough to satisfy you guys for now...until my next post.

p.s. i totally got inspired by Turtle's blog where he posted a kiddie pic of himself! HA! ok bye nowww