June 04, 2010

SECRETS REVEALED [skin edition]

i've received a whole lot of questions from soompi/formspring/blogger asking me about my skin regimen. how i keep acne away and how my skin looks so bright or simply because some were just curious to know which products i use. i was lazy so i never got around to posting anything! your lucky day has come my lovelies, as i un-lazied myself and finally managed to put together a little post about all the products i use on this face of mine!!! =]
Clean & Clear's Continuous Control Acne Wash
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i honestly SWEAR by this cleanser! i've tried many many products ever since puberty hit, but this is the one cleanser i keep re-buying every time. i use this day and night, every day (except when i just fall asleep while blogging lol) and its fabulous. it removes all makeup, even stubborn mascara & eyeliner. what i like about this cleanser is the texture, the liquid looks clear, but it turns into a foam once out of the bottle. its really gentle on your skin. fantastic! i swear.

Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Cleansing Mask
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i use this little guy right here only once a week. also another drugstore hit for me. does a wonderful job getting rid of blackheads in just a few minutes.

Skin Food Black Sesame Hot Mask
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got this baby while vacationing in Hong Kong. i have bought BB Creams at the Skin Food store and had the choice for a bonus gift. i really did not know what to get so the SA recommended this. she said it was a best seller at the store so i picked it up. although VERY gooey and chunky (i guess its real sesame bits in there), the product is very efficient. at first, you will feel like your face is burning hot and once the sensation disappears, you're ready to wash it off. when everything is off your face, you will feel like you have brand new skin! i use this one once a week as well.

Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Refiner
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i have bought trial sizes at the Clarins sample sales, the format as in the picture above. it works really well for me, gets rid of all the dead skin to unveil brighter and firmer skin. my face feels SO soft afterwards. if i had to pick an exfoliator, this is the one. i use this after the Clean & Clear cleanser, once a week.

Sewame Whitening & Moisturizing Essence Mask
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an acquaintance of mine told me about this product. it's one of the main sponsor for Miss Hong Kong...so i guess it must be somewhat reputable right? i bought 2 boxes at SaSa in HK last september and i've been using them sparingly just because i wont be back there for a while. i really like these masks. for those who've been following my blog would know that i LOVE this product. its so refreshing and when you remove it, you can use the remaining of the essence on your skin to moiturize it. skin is bright and smooth as a baby's bottom right after. love it a lot.

Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Moisturizing Emulsion
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i only use this emulsion in the winter time when my skin's really really dry. even though it's an emulsion and not a cream, i still find it a little too heavy for the summer. i tend to get oily around the T zone, so this is not recommended for summer as it will give the skin even more luster. if you're looking for a whitening product that works, then this is it babes! i've used it 1+ year and i can really see a difference!! i can no longer wear the Lancome Maqui-Complet as even the lightest shade is TOO dark for my skin tone. same thing for goes for Physician's Formula pressed powder. =) to be used morning and night during the colder seasons.

Lancome Blanc Expert GN-White
Generating New Brightening Spot Eraser
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THIS product here is my LIFE!!! i use this for the summer time because its so light weight. it's my favorite favorite product in the skin care category. its meant for targeted area, but i dont care, i love it so much i use it as a daily moisturizer. love it tons!!! the price is a little steep for such a tiny tube, but yes it is worth it, trust me. you can see a difference in skin color after just a few weeks of use. HIGHLY recommend this one. to be used day and night during warmer seasons.

Lancome Blanc Expert
Ultimate Brightening Anti-Spot Anti-Dark Circles Eye Serum
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from the same range as the product before. it does everything it claims. i like it. i only use it in the morning to give that little lift for tired eyes.

Kiehl's Blue Herbal Spot Treatment
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my go to product when i have a pimple [i get one pimple/month during my period] apply this on and the nasty zit will be gone in approximately 2 days time. a few hours after the first application, the gel like substance will flatten the pimple. very very good product. apply as many times as you want in a day. 

Clinique Acne Solutions Post Blemish Formula
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this is also a little miracle in a stick. this is basically a facial eraser! lightens the color or marks left by pimples. takes 2-3 days to fade, the texture is like a cream and you just need to massage onto the targeted area. to be used day and night. can even be worn under makeup.

here are my other alternative moisturizers. Nuxe is a very good brand for skin care and specializes in natural and rare ingredients. i like them both a lot, but the strong floral smell sometimes ticks me off. difference between the 2 is Creme Fraiche is more mattifying but the first is more brightening, gives the skin some sort of "halo".

Nuxe Paris Emulsion Etincelante
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Nuxe Paris Creme Fraiche de Beaute
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here's a bunch of picture for your reference for the color of my skin.
they were taken by my DSLR, so the quality should be pretty good.

these 2 pix below are to show my skin's texture
[lighting was edited, so my skin color is not accurate]

sorry if it was such a long post, i hope this answers your request properly. if you have any questions, dont hesitate to speak up. will do my best to answer your questions. hope you enjoyed this post as it was far more time consuming than i ever thought. lol

have a good night my loves...xox


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!

You and your skin are gorgeous~

Miss. P

brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

might actually try this. Nothing wrong with a boy having perfect skin. I saw a girl with no blemishes whatsoever (like you) and I just kept staring at her, it really does make you look healthier... okay bookmarked~

lara said...

if you had to pick just 2 of the products you listed as a must have.. which would you pick? i wish i could buy everything but i don't have all the cash for them.. sadface.

Iyah said...

I love your skin!!! thanks for sharing us your secrets! You have such a flawless skin! <3

Lovettines said...

great post! how generous of you to share these tips with the readers <3 I will definitely try some of the products listed here :) Your skin is truly, amazing! ^^

sunniipinky said...

Queenie! You have such gorgeous skin. :)

Thanks for sharing with us your skin treatment routine/favorites! I'll definitely look into some of the items you recommended. :D

Miss Queenie said...

thank you ^^ and you are very welcome Miss P.

there's nothing wrong with a guy wanting nice skin. you look healthier, cleaner and more put together. i find it awesome that a guy/man takes care of himself!!

my top 2 is definitely the Clean & Clear cleanser + Lancome Spot eraser. but if you want something more affordable, go for the Shiseido emulsion. its good too! =)

thanks love!! no problem =D

then i hope its gonna work as well for you! ^^

thanks sweetie! and it was my pleasure!! =]

Princess Jem said...

Queeniee!! Thanks so much! I always admire how bright and clear your skin is =D

A. Cne said...

I feel you are lucky enough that me to have such a blemishing and acne free skin but my skin too is not bad but these acne spots have made it look dull.

sayuri said...

this was sooo helpful thank you!! ^_^

lara said...

sad i don't think the lancome blanc is available in the united states. seems it might be just a canada thing... crapp!

LittoMokaa said...

Wow your skin is perfect and looks very healthy! Thank you for sharing ;)

Carmen said...

your skin looks amazing... i need to see a dermatologist to get my skin back looking like your. yay for microdermabrasion :)

ArzuSonmez said...

I literally can't find anything to get rig of my blackheads!Does Clean& Cleanser blackhead remover really work ??

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Your skin is ridiculous ... porcelain smooth and stunning!

thanks for sharing all the skin secrets ... I don't use any skincare products...so many notes to take here!

bubbleness said...

Going to head over to local pharmacy and stock up!

Vy said...

Heyy! it's great that you're showing us what you use daily to achieving your flawless skin! but i would like to know, is the make-up routine you posted up on soompi like 2 yrs ago the same as it is today? if not, can you also do an update >.<?

Male Extra said...
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Princess Jem said...

your skin is sooooooo smooth and beautiful!! =D

I was just wondering, does that mean you use one exfoliator a day? since i saw that you have several products that you use only once a week =D