June 09, 2010

[PROJECT 365] Day 31

because i enjoy watching kdramas =]

to those who says the iPad is nothing but a giant iPhone/iPod...
you're right, the only difference is that it's...GIANT lmao


bebe said...

hahaha.. i see your watching personal preference.. i started that drama but didn't finish it.. i should get back to it.. ><

WLOVEXO said...

Yay, we love watching kdramas as well!

Ahhh, and you're watching Personal Taste! It seems like you just started the drama. haha. It was really good! Enjoy the drama and Lee Min Ho's sexiness :x

- Tiff

xLeafClover said...

I love kdramas too ! ^__^
& I am also watching Personal Preference as well XD kekeke

have you watch Boys over flowers yet?

rosanguyen said...

Is it a hindrance to carry an ipad around?