June 06, 2010

[PROJECT 365] Day 28

because me + fiance are kitsch and like to match...


rosanguyen said...

Make a review on the Ipad :D

Anonymous said...

werent you the one saying iphone sucks and is boring in your earlier posts?????why do u have an ipad now and want the iphone 4

ipad = giant iphone

Anonymous said...

is your relationship and happiness based on material ?

Miss Queenie said...

Anonymous 1
Whats it to you? I'll leave u with the benefit of the doubt hun

Anonymous 2
iPad is a fun gadget! I like things that entertain me.
And yes I like the iPhone 4 since it improved so much since my 1st gen iPhone. Since I'm in the design field...Mac has always been my number brand. :)
Lots of reasons made me hate my old iPhone...since technology is so advanced, my probs have been solved. I love apple ;)

Jess said...

Haters! lol.

Let me know if it's good! I bought Tomo once and I wrapped it! He called me 5mins after and told me he doesn't like iPad. fml lol.

♥HongxHanh♥ said...

Hi Miss Queenie. I like your blog! I read a few of them that made me wanted to make one too :) So I just wanted to say Hii *WAVES

♥HongxHanh♥ said...

oh man i feel retarted... I was wondering why the comment didnt show -_- sry

Miss Queenie said...

Hey Hun! And yes haters hahaha
As for liking the iPad, I guess it all depends on the person that's using it. :) me and Long like it lots. Hehe

Awe thanks girl!! Imma drop by your blog once I get a sec! :)

Anonymous said...

it's nghister from soompi! =]

I'm so jealous you got matching ipads with your fiance (congrats!)~
I plan on getting the iphone 4 as well. Too bad my bf doesn't like apple so we can't get matching phones or something like you guys. haha~

PS: your blog is so cute! I think I might spend some time reading your previous posts. SO MANY! @_@;

kitty said...

I want the iphone 4 too.. Currently I have BB and always get the timer!! :/