June 11, 2010

iPad H Y P E

How much do you love you iPad?
would you dress your precious gadget in one of these babies?

even Oscar de la Renta has made his own version...


sunniipinky said...

Gorgeous! I love the LV ones. :O Are you planning to get one for your iPad? (I think you mentioned you got one on Twitter?)

DSK Steph said...

lol they come out with cases so fast for the iPad!

bebe said...

definitely cute.. but definitely not worth the price tag (well afaik for the LV one..) it's like the cost of another ipad! haha.. XD

Miss Queenie said...

yes i have an iPad...but i'm not quite sure if i wanna buy one of these...its almost as costly as the gadget itself.. =S

yeah i know..fashion houses are very up to date with these kinds of things nowadays. =D

i was thinking the same thing..i think the LV one if 390$..Gucci ones are the cheapest ranging around 250$. the de la Renta one is limited edition...only 100 were made.

Jesssss said...

Please do not buy this. I will KILL you if you do. K thanks!

Miss Queenie said...

HAHAHAHA ok ok laaaa.....i got it laaaaa!