June 14, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010

the anticipation is OVER, after 4 years of waiting, the World Cup is finally back!!! i just love this game...almost as much as hockey! =D in fact, i used to play for my school's team during high school. i only played for 1 season, stopped as per my parents' request. they judged it to be a boys sport. i never ceased loving the game though. =]
here were my predictions for the 1st games...
Guess who made the Trunk for the Cup??? =D who else than the trunk masters themselves?
precious cup in it's precious case! how beautiful they look together.

if you're following me on twitter or you are on my facebook, then you probably already know who i'm rooting for!! if not, can u guess? LOL
JAPAN ftw!!!
can you guess which face i like most? hehehe

look at how gorgeous their new jersey is!!
naturally, i had to get myself one!! =D you can get yours at either here or here. [argghh FU, it was full price at Evangelista little italy]
love love love everything!

as for my favorite face on the Japanese team?
Atsuto Uchida!!! such a cutie!!!
i know, i'm a cougar since he's a 88er LOL
i dont usually go for defenders...but he's just *swoon*

Uchida in action!

June.12.2010 wore my Japan track jacket, circa 2006
June.14.2010 wore my new jersey to work today...
hehe i think i brought them good luck!

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oh my, he's cute.