June 30, 2010

June 29, 2010

Lady Antebellum - Need You Now

i hear this song on the radio every single morning and just never really get tired of it. i like it a lot...like a whole LOT. their voices are just beautiful!

[PROJECT 365] Day 51

because i couldn't see crap.

[PROJECT 365] Day 50

because i ate this cake at my friend's bday and just LOVED it so much i've been craving it lately.

[PROJECT 365] Day 49

because i like versatility =]

[PROJECT 365] Day 48

because i wasn't awake

[PROJECT 365] Day 47

Bonne St-Jean! this is what i did during the Quebec national holiday. lol
Go Japan Go!!! =]

June 24, 2010

TĂȘtes Deluxes

anyone know who this is? if you dont, then you must've been living under a rock for the last years. the girl up there is Blair Waldorf [Leighton Meester], also known as Queen B from the tv series Gossip Girl. she's my all time favorite character in that series. a darling face, a witty attitude and undeniable style. not only did she bring back the preppy look , she has also, single-handedly brought back the headband to life. before Blair, this piece of hair accessory was considered somewhat mundane, but ever since GG aired, the little thing became a wardrobe staple, a passport to the ultimate luxe polished look. Queen B wears a headband with almost every single outfit she sports. its an accessory which had the powahh to transform your outfit from casual to chic in a blink!

as for me, i've always had headbands and have worn them on and off through the years. they were useful for when my hair was too short to tie up in a pony tail, yet too long to let loose flying around my face. it was more of a necessity rather than a statement fashion accessory. after watching GG, my view of the headband changed 180 degree and suddenly i felt like buying all nice headbands i could get my hands on.

a little more than a year ago, i was reading Mona's Blog and saw that she bought this grey satin headband from Henri Bendel. i loved it so much so i went on the Bendel website only to find out a very poor selection of items posted up. in fact, there were no hair accessories at all and they dont even ship to Canada anyways. i then told myself i would buy one in person once i go to NYC...well...that didnt happen. i was there during my xmas vacation but didn't even think about it. FML max. period. then, a few weeks ago, i saw on fb that Miss Sexy Pam was holding a blog sale, went to check it out and OMG she was selling the exact one which i've been drooling for since i saw it on Mona's blog!!! uhh i was pretty speedy and sent her an email right away. the transaction was as smooth as a baby's bottom..LOL not even 2 weeks after, the head piece is here!!! not only it was super well packaged in it's original box, she even sent me 2 bonuses. what a sweet♥ ^^ thanks babeee!
here's my bootiful grey satin headband!! love it so much!!
my bonuses! she sent me some My Beauty Diary masks!! thanks again babe!
isn't it adorable?

since we're in the headband subject..i thought i could share my little collection with you all, most of them are from F21just because their selection is just WOWserrr and on the cheap too...enjoy!
Club Monaco
Burberry [missing my reg check one]
i believe all these came from Ardene, except the last one, which is a goody and probably came from a drugstore.
H&M (?)
i have no where to put all of them..so i decided to use the top row of my shoe shelf. haha

for the curious ones..this is what i got for my Daddy for fathers day! =]
he loved it tons because he doesn't own anything Damier Graphite. he's more of the Cuir Utah type..

and do you guys remember in my Valentine's 2010 entry, i had bought 2 presents for the Fiance. the small box was his belt for Vday, and the bigger box, i said was for our Anniversary? well i never revealed what the box contained...here ya go! this was the content of the box =]
Montecarlo moccs! =]

thats all for todays lovers!! i'll see ya soon xox

p.s. i hope my Project 365 doesnt bother you guys so much..it taking a lot of space on the side bar. its kinda hard to see my real posts mixed with those P365 ones..

[PROJECT 365] Day 46

look into my soul...

June 23, 2010

[PROJECT 365] Day 45

cute purse my sister got me! it can't fit crap in there..but its so cute! ^^

June 20, 2010

June 18, 2010

[PROJECT 365] Day 40

i think this taxi really wanted to get into the Police force when he grew up...

[PROJECT 365] Day 39

together, Rain or Shine! in this case...it was rain..hahaha
visit her BLOG

June 16, 2010

[PROJECT 365] Day 38

since i'm on a Japan roll these days,
i wore this that somehow reminds me of Japanese school uniforms...
i haven't worn anything knee length for a while. it looks pretty goody two-shoes =]

Maria Lucia Hohan

can you say GORGEOUS? these gowns make me go gaga...but i know one must be tall[-ish] to be able to wear something like this. click here if you wanna see more dresses.

June 14, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010

the anticipation is OVER, after 4 years of waiting, the World Cup is finally back!!! i just love this game...almost as much as hockey! =D in fact, i used to play for my school's team during high school. i only played for 1 season, stopped as per my parents' request. they judged it to be a boys sport. i never ceased loving the game though. =]
here were my predictions for the 1st games...
Guess who made the Trunk for the Cup??? =D who else than the trunk masters themselves?
precious cup in it's precious case! how beautiful they look together.

if you're following me on twitter or you are on my facebook, then you probably already know who i'm rooting for!! if not, can u guess? LOL
JAPAN ftw!!!
can you guess which face i like most? hehehe

look at how gorgeous their new jersey is!!
naturally, i had to get myself one!! =D you can get yours at either here or here. [argghh FU, it was full price at Evangelista little italy]
love love love everything!

as for my favorite face on the Japanese team?
Atsuto Uchida!!! such a cutie!!!
i know, i'm a cougar since he's a 88er LOL
i dont usually go for defenders...but he's just *swoon*

Uchida in action!

June.12.2010 wore my Japan track jacket, circa 2006
June.14.2010 wore my new jersey to work today...
hehe i think i brought them good luck!