May 19, 2010

[PROJECT 365] Day 10

because sometimes, the most beautiful things are right in front of you


dsy said...

hello.. Oh dear, that is soo beautiful..!! From where did you take that picture? morning or evening? said...

I saw your good morning this morning on twitter. Then I went back to sleep.


Very nice picture. I didn't know they had tim hortons in Quebec, I thought they would hate him because
1. he's english
2. he played for the leafs which makes him double fault

lol. Have a good day now.

missmicchan said...

oooo pretty ^^ LOL@ brutalturtle's comment haha

Anonymous said...

Wow really pretty~ haha Timmies! My bf's haven =P

Peach Blushh said...

I think this on Cote-des-Neiges street ! I recognize the McDonalds, Tim Hortons and well it looks like Cote-des-Neiges hehe

Miss Queenie said...

at sunset!! so niceee

i have no prob with english speaking people...its the real quebecers that do!
hey i only hate the leafs when they are hatin' on us! lol

Peach Blushh
wooww eagle eyes! yes its cdn street!