May 10, 2010

[PROJECT 365] Day 1

this is my dearest mother.
she never has makeup on except for her usual lipstick.
was taken yesterday at our restaurant.

this picture will be inaugurating my Project 365. i saw a few people doing this and i thought it was interesting so i wanted to give it a try. i hope i can hold up until the finish line. i'll be posting single picture entries every day for this project. this should not affect my regular blog entries. my pictures will always be uploaded to my blog and Twitter the next day because of editing (and probably 


p.s. i will be making a video tonight for the "Become a Twik Blogger" contest...i hope you guys will help me out with the voting! =] thanks in advance

EDIT: thanks to those who have pointed out the wrong date! it was a total fail on my part. lol


rosanguyen said...

Yay! You're starting a project365 I'm up to day 130 right now.

ManEater said...

Lovin the fact, so much that I followed. Feel free to check mine out. Just started, but I'm gonna bring it too. hahaha

Nice to see you care about your mama. :D

Anonymous said...

why ur bfs name is long , but hes short ! you should call him short lam

Miss Queenie said...

yay!! wow you've been very good with keeping it up!! congrats. hope you'll be able to finish it. =D

thanks sweetie! i'll check your blog when i get a sec! =]

there's something else on him thats Long...that's why he's called Long...and it ain't the hair ;)

KevD. said...

i doubt it. usually tall guys got long ones, and short guys.. well you know. thats not a fact though. just my presumption. plus you can always try to convince us that Long has a Long one, but hey deep inside you know how Long it is, or should i say, how Short it is. ;)