May 15, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Mother's Day was a complete success. i finally bought the bag she's been considering for so long. i told myself that if i got the new job, i'd buy the LV Vernis Alma MM in Amarante for her for mother's day and i did =] she was so surprised when she got my present because we usually just get a huge bouquet and some chocolate. she really wasn't expecting this. here are some pictures of her bag =]
Amarante is an amazing color, it can sometimes appear black...
sometimes burgundy...
under spotlight

another reason why is because she's going to go under surgery for health issues next Tuesday, May 18th. the doc said it will take about 4-5 months for her to recover after the operation. when i gave her the bag, i told her: "mum, you need to do well in your surgery and recover fast to be able to wear this bag ok?" she hugged me really tight and answered in the most serene voice: "i will."

i took that day off to go to the hospital with her so she wont be afraid and alone. dad and Amy will take care of the restaurant in the meantime and will take turns visiting her that day. since she's going to be glued to her bed for a few months, me & my sister will need to set aside our social lives for a while. i'll be going straight to the restaurant every day after office hours, and full days on saturdays and sundays. i'll only have friday nights off, but they are reserved for my dear grand-parents. am i crazy? no, i just love my mom & family so i'll do anything for them. my gym schedule will change dramatically as well. i went on tuesday & thursday nights + sunday afternoon when i'm on my break from the restaurant. now i will switch to monday nights when we're closed, saturday & sunday mornings. i hope her surgery will go well. Mom i love you!

last thursday, the Chanel beauty counter @ Holt Renfrew called me to let me know my summer vernis has arrived. she told me since i was on the list, i had priority over them but only had 48 hours to come and pick them up since the demand is crazy for these. i assured her i'd drop by after work on friday. she told me to make sure i come because they were already sold out by the time she went through the waitlist. that same afternoon, the Chanel Boutique had also called me to tell me new jewelry just came in and i should hurry up because those will also sell out quickly too! i admit it, i kind of panicked and was anxiously waiting for the next day to be here.

as promised, i flew there right after work:
parked my car and practically RAN to Holt's, that how excited i was.
this is my little wallet damage. =]
i meant to pick up only the 3 vernis Pop for summer but i saw they still had a bottle of Particuliere so i grabbed that as well. when it came out last month or so, it was COMPLETELY sold out. lucky me i guess ^^

the colors are A M A Z I N G

my very tiny Chanel Vernis collection =]
this is Nouvelle Vague [under very weird lighting]
had it on during last its Particuliere i have on. =]
how can i leave empty handed?

picked up a pair of classic CC with crystals =]
they're actually pretty big, see following pix...
taken with flash
i wore them out the next day [May.08.2010] to go shopping =] yay!! i just love them. so simple yet they make me feel so lady-like hehe

yeahh, it was a rainy day...we dont really like rain and i think this pic of my boyfriend show's exactly how we feel about it. haha HATE ugly weather
while my sister was browsing at Swarovski for my mom's gift, i saw this necklae and totally fell in love!! and since i've been shopping quite much lately, she bought it for me as a present =] how nice of her huh? thanks little sister! xox

will be all for today =]

p.s. this morning, i was supposed to put together outfits for the Simons' Blogger contest ([Click Here] for details) but i just realized if i won, i wont even have the time to post or report i guess i wont participate. =[


bebe said...

absolutely gorgeous bag and earrings! i totally want the amarante alma too.. but in the future.. XD!

&hope your mom goes through her surgery well(good?) and have a happy way to recovery and get to use that bag!

oh~ love the chanel vernis.. i was too late to get any.. maybe i will be lucky and happen to catch some while shopping today.. haha..

Anonymous said...

Good luck to your mom, I hope she recovers well. You're very sweet to have bought such a lovely gift! :)

Zuuchini said...

hope your mom will get well sooon! <3 <3

you look sooo lovely with those chanel earrings on. totally sophisticated

hannahh♥s said...

queenie! i hope for a fast and healthy recovery for your mom. and all the best to you and your family. ( :

i love your earrings and i see you got all the colors from the vernis summer collection! ( : i like!

Nicol said...

so jealous! the bad is absolutely gorgeous!
good luck to your mum! :) and she will recover well :)

A Little Piece of Hope said...

Hi Queenie, I've been a silent reader for a while, so first I want to say that I enjoy reading your blog! ^^

I want to wish your mom success with the surgery and hope that she will recover smoothly and completely afterwards! Your schedule for the next few months definitely sounds hectic - stay strong and I know you will pull through!

Lastly, I really love the classic Chanel CC earrings! They look so simple yet classy. Definitely something I must buy in the future when I can afford it! ^^"

Anonymous said...

What a nice bag for your mom~ I hope she will be able to recover well and quickly =)

soph said...

i love the bag you got for you mom! i hope her surgery goes well too :) &your chanel purchases are really pretty!

im going to be in montreal this long weekend :D but i'll be in sherbrooke :)

maddy said...

I hope your mom the best and a speedy recovery from her surgery. And that's very admirable of you to put in so much work for your family! It will be hard work and very tiring but definitely all worth it! Hopefully you can keep us all updated if you can.

kalai said...

waa!! the bag is lush! i saw someone try it on the last time i was at lv counter. looked amazing. but wouldnt have suited me. the colour is lovely. my fave colour in vernis. your mummy looks so happy. bless~

you got all the chanel polishes?~ i work opposite chanel counter. was really tempted to buy esp that gorg blue. but i hardly paint my nails =__= they sold out a week in store.. along with the lipsticks. shame they're LE~~

love the earrings~

wish your mum well and quick recovery!! xx

Miss Queenie said...

thank you ^^ i'm so late on the reply! haha
the vernis sold out so quickly as they are Limited Editions.

Pretty Pouts / Zuuchini / hannahh / Nicol / Natalie / maddy
thanks sweetie for the love and support!

A Little Piece of Hope
thank you so much for reading my blog!! i'm glad you enjoy it! =)
so late on the reply, but my mom's doing so great after the surgery, thanks for you kind words! <3 and lastly, you def should buy the CC earrings. they will never go out of simple yet lovely! =D

thanks, girl. hope u had fun in Sherbrooke! =]

pomme d'amour is my fave vernis color, but OMG the amarante looks pretty stunning irl!! yeah i got them all!! i wanna start collecting them...its gonna get so expensive! damn it you should've gotten the color u want! i'm sure there are some on ebay with jacked up prices now.. =( thank youuuu

PetiteAsianGirl said...

That is SO sweet of you to get that for your mom. She looks like the happiest woman in the photo. I hope she recovers soon so she can rock that bag!