May 05, 2010


there's this trend happening at the moment and i willingly jumped on the CONNECTOR RING bandwagon! =] i think they look so cool!! at first i thought it would be uncomfortable, but turns out its as comfy as a regular ring. oh the only problem is when i use chopsticks, since my middle and ring finger are "attached" together, its kind of hard to manipulate. other than that, i LOVE it! =D
my connector ring haul!

although very simple, this one is my favorite one! =]

taken on April.05.2010
this was taken at Nguyen Phi earlier this evening
wearing the "hope" ring

taken yesterday, April.04.2010 right after gym
yes yes i know i'm ALWAYS wearing this blazer...can't help it, i love it too much!!!

this is what happens daily in downtown Montreal...going home after work is a pain in the bombom!
kills me!
every damn single day!!
no matter what street i try to take...always the same result!
and freaking construction for NO apparent reason pisses me off!!!!!!!!!
sorry, i had to let it out!

but sometimes, you encounter a scene like this:
and all the bad crap instantly goes away. =]

such a useless post, but this will be all for now lovers!!

p.s. we lost yesterday night...must get back on our skates and win tomorrow's game!!! GO HABS GO!!!


Sherry said...

great stuff wow look at the traffic


la bella said...

I have always wanted want with my name on it, but I also thought that i would be uncomfortable. I love the infinity one. Can you still type and such with it on?

hannahh♥s said...

hahhah queenie! i'm first again. haha.. i think.. ( : is your plain two finger ring by erica? i've been trying to get my hands on them. but i haven't gotten around to do that. hahaa but i love your infinity ring! ( : hope your week is going by okay, other than the traffic!

coffretgorge said...

traffic is so stressful, always be safe miss Q! :) lovely rings, like you, i like the most simple one best :D

Lisa said...

Yay for connector rings! I like the hope one and the simple band one. I just jumped on the bandwagon too but I only have 2 so far and they are the same design but gold and silver XD Hoping to get more soon :)

Linda said...

those rings are dope!

Vivian said...

love the rings!!
i love the feather one!

bubbleness said...

hey queenie! love your infinity ring, reminds of me a bow. new twitter banner? looks pretty damn awesome :)

Kitty said...

Cute blazer! Where did you get it?

Karen said...

1. The infinity connector ring looks REAL good!
2. I'd hate to be stuck in traffic everyday. =/

Billie said...

Aaah, I want those rings. I'd buy them, but I hate shipping.

S said...

Oh my gosh! I was shopping today, and saw some of those rings at Forever21!! <3
I'd love it if you could tell me where you got that Infinity ring. :)

Miss Queenie said...

yup, the traffic is killer in downtown!

la bella
yeahhh i saw Lauren Conrad wearing one with her name on it...and it looked pretty cool!! its not as uncomfortable as i thought it would be. try it in store first and see for yourself! =]

aww not this time hun! but its ok ;) i can still see your loyalty hehe. i bought all my connector rings from the F21 canadian website! the quality of the plain connector is just GREAT!! very well made. i found a way to avoid traffic =) yay for me!

thank you for the kind words! i will try to be safe =] the simple one is also my favorite!

the ones on F21 sells out so quickly, its crazy!! the trend is now at full blast i think. so many buy them that they have the urge to update with new ones every few days..

they are!! =D

thank you =]

thanks sweetie ^^ i saw the one on Pam's blog and it looked pretty cool! so i had to get one for my blog as well! hehe

Zara ftw!! hehe

yeahh shipping is a real bitch!i they charged me 9$ of shipping for a 25$!!

all the rings in this entry are form forever21 canadian website! =]