May 28, 2010

Summer Outfits

i was browsing through the Zara website and was so inspired by all the clothing they had. so, i decided to put together 4 lovely outfits that are just perfect for the warmer months of the year!! =)
i'm loving everything in this 1st outfit, but my favorite has to be the cute skirt!

[PROJECT 365] Day 19

because it's gross even if we are in a free country!

May 27, 2010

[PROJECT 365] Day 18

because i had a really hard time choosing potatoes for my momma's soup haha

May 23, 2010

[PROJECT 365] Day 14

because i L O V E distressed denim

p.s. i want to say thank you to all of those who have congratulated me for my engagement! =] i wish i could reply to each and every one of you separately, but time is not on my side nowadays. thank you for you understanding. =] LOVE you all velly much!

May 22, 2010

May 19, 2010

The Proposal

for the very curious ones out there, here is how the magic happened:
since it was planned out that my schedule would change due to my mother's surgery, last saturday was pretty much our last day to go out and have a good time. for the first time in his life, my bf has made a restaurant reservation on his own. he never did it before so i asked him what the special occasion was and he answered that because he knows i wont have time to chill for some time, so he wanted us to eat well and have fun before the too-much-work-makes-me-suicidal time starts.

he originally made a reservation for 2, but TD & Maya decided to join us last minute. no prob, the reservation was changed to a table for 4 in no time. we ate at Tour de Ville again, the theme was France. =] reminds me of my 2007 birthday which was of the same theme. the dishes changed, but some were of the same idea than back then.
i just realized Prince sometimes really sucks at smiling. haha
TD & his "OH DADDY"
Maya & Queenie
my entrees! yumminess MAX
my main course!! yumm x 1 000 000
while i was eating my dish, i looked at my bf and he smiled at me in such a childish if he was about to do something bad like a prank or something. i laughed it off and asked him what his smile was for and he pointed at the bread basket in the middle of the table. i followed the direction of his finger wondering what he wanted to show me. without realizing it, my gaze stopped abruptly on a small polished wooden box hidden behind the piece of cloth coming from the basket. i glanced quickly at him, he still had his mischievous grin on...i realized what he was up to and let out a muffled squeal. he pushed the box towards me and let me open it on my own. once the lid was off, the box revealed the most beautiful diamond ring shining so brightly against the crisp white interior. i looked at my bf with excitement waiting for him to say something. he suddenly let out a question that sounded so endearing and charming i thought i was going to faint: "Est-ce que tu veux devenir ma fiancee?" [rough translation: "Would you like to become my fiancee?"] a sentence so childish, yet deadly. lol you can probably guess my answer. haha
moon crescent eyes! ^^
here, we see teeth, meaning we no see eyes lol
love this picture so much..
i am clearly happy!
i look all serious and stuff..
but there are like a million butterflies flying around in my stomach
suddenly, everything in life just seems more beautiful
my desserts that night...didn't even finish half of it
newly engaged couple! loveee
my rock

i hope i didn't bore you all with the long text!
lets end the post smoothly:

[PROJECT 365] Day 10

because sometimes, the most beautiful things are right in front of you

May 17, 2010

[PROJECT 365] Day 8

because team spirit is important

p.s. the date is wrong! should be may.16.2010

May 15, 2010

[PROJECT 365] Day 6

because he turned 7 months yesterday =]

Mission Accomplished

Mother's Day was a complete success. i finally bought the bag she's been considering for so long. i told myself that if i got the new job, i'd buy the LV Vernis Alma MM in Amarante for her for mother's day and i did =] she was so surprised when she got my present because we usually just get a huge bouquet and some chocolate. she really wasn't expecting this. here are some pictures of her bag =]
Amarante is an amazing color, it can sometimes appear black...
sometimes burgundy...
under spotlight

another reason why is because she's going to go under surgery for health issues next Tuesday, May 18th. the doc said it will take about 4-5 months for her to recover after the operation. when i gave her the bag, i told her: "mum, you need to do well in your surgery and recover fast to be able to wear this bag ok?" she hugged me really tight and answered in the most serene voice: "i will."

i took that day off to go to the hospital with her so she wont be afraid and alone. dad and Amy will take care of the restaurant in the meantime and will take turns visiting her that day. since she's going to be glued to her bed for a few months, me & my sister will need to set aside our social lives for a while. i'll be going straight to the restaurant every day after office hours, and full days on saturdays and sundays. i'll only have friday nights off, but they are reserved for my dear grand-parents. am i crazy? no, i just love my mom & family so i'll do anything for them. my gym schedule will change dramatically as well. i went on tuesday & thursday nights + sunday afternoon when i'm on my break from the restaurant. now i will switch to monday nights when we're closed, saturday & sunday mornings. i hope her surgery will go well. Mom i love you!

last thursday, the Chanel beauty counter @ Holt Renfrew called me to let me know my summer vernis has arrived. she told me since i was on the list, i had priority over them but only had 48 hours to come and pick them up since the demand is crazy for these. i assured her i'd drop by after work on friday. she told me to make sure i come because they were already sold out by the time she went through the waitlist. that same afternoon, the Chanel Boutique had also called me to tell me new jewelry just came in and i should hurry up because those will also sell out quickly too! i admit it, i kind of panicked and was anxiously waiting for the next day to be here.

as promised, i flew there right after work:
parked my car and practically RAN to Holt's, that how excited i was.
this is my little wallet damage. =]
i meant to pick up only the 3 vernis Pop for summer but i saw they still had a bottle of Particuliere so i grabbed that as well. when it came out last month or so, it was COMPLETELY sold out. lucky me i guess ^^

the colors are A M A Z I N G

my very tiny Chanel Vernis collection =]
this is Nouvelle Vague [under very weird lighting]
had it on during last its Particuliere i have on. =]
how can i leave empty handed?

picked up a pair of classic CC with crystals =]
they're actually pretty big, see following pix...
taken with flash
i wore them out the next day [May.08.2010] to go shopping =] yay!! i just love them. so simple yet they make me feel so lady-like hehe

yeahh, it was a rainy day...we dont really like rain and i think this pic of my boyfriend show's exactly how we feel about it. haha HATE ugly weather
while my sister was browsing at Swarovski for my mom's gift, i saw this necklae and totally fell in love!! and since i've been shopping quite much lately, she bought it for me as a present =] how nice of her huh? thanks little sister! xox

will be all for today =]

p.s. this morning, i was supposed to put together outfits for the Simons' Blogger contest ([Click Here] for details) but i just realized if i won, i wont even have the time to post or report i guess i wont participate. =[