April 13, 2010


My S.A. called me last week to let me know about the launching of Takashi Murakami's Limited Edition Cosmic Blossom collection. She said it had limited quantities so she can't reserve anything aside for me. The official release date for this collection is April 15th [tomorrow] so if you find anything you like, rush there the earliest possible! the promo pictures are really beautiful and so summer-y!!! although i do like pop colors, i wasn't entirely head over heels for this collection. and honestly, the price is a little too steep for something that will die next season. i prefer investing in more classic style that will stick around for a while. BUT, i'm still gonna drop by the store to see everything in real life..maybe i'll love it so much that i'll lose all my sense of judgement. T_T" for now, the only things i somewhat want is the silk scarf [so cute] and maybe the pochette...the tote looks kinda cute, but the price is a little too crazy for a piece that wouldn't last me for 1+ season. =(


we double dated and went to watch The Bounty Hunter the other day...OMG i loved it!!! it was such a cute movie. i still wanted to watch it despite the crappy ratings just because i really LOVE Gerard Butler & Jen Aniston [**but not as much as Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock though**]! i can never pass up a romcom haha, its a bit of a weakness of mine.. i find them so cute together! totally couple material, both are smokin' sexy. found out they made the cover of W magazine, so i went to get a copy! =] i really like the editorial a lot..

when i was flipping through the mag, i saw the JBrand ad and was in awe not for the pants they're trying to sell, but these awesome heels!! so gorgeous!!!
this dress caught my attention as well! the style is gorgeous and the print is even more so. i forgot what brand it was from, but i'm sure i can find a similar one at bcbg or something cheaper like F21 or something. 

clogs are totally in this summer, but to be honest, i dont know if i can pull it off. i think the look is very specific and if ONE item in your outfit is wrong, then the whole things goes down the drain. it's borderline tacky! so i decided to buy a hybrid version. these platforms have some details in common with a clog, such as nails and wooden sole, without being one! yay! i like them lots and they very comfortable too. got them at Zara [yeah i kinda love that place to death]. i've been shopping every weekend to buy summer essentials, nothing extravagant and i'm SO lazy to take pix...you need to cope with me. haha

got these 2 novels on my last stop at Indigo downtown..can't wait to start reading them =]

Les Pop Up de Chanel [Spring 2010]
OMGAWWW!!! are these just GORGEOUS??? i want them...all 3!!!

Oi! have you heard? Aldo will be releasing a nail polish line...looks interesting, the colors looks real nice and the price is very affordable too. i will be on the look out for them. yes ma'am, i have a lacquer disorder.

RAWRRR really in love with my current nails!! =] all Color Club polishes.

thats all for today folks! see ya next time!!


Iyah said...

beautiful LV bags! yes yes so summery! =) and love your shoes! very sexy!! nails are so chic too =)

bubbleness said...

The Cosmic Blossom collection looks so fun and flirty! But like you said, it's a bit steep for an one season thing. But the scarf is so cute! And that is something that you can wear every spring/summer! The purple pouchette/clutch is also adorable!

OMG, those Gerad Butler pictures reminds me of his 300 days! He was so hot in that movie! lol

Aldo and nail polish?! That I have to try out! And your hot pink leopard nails are amazing!

hannahh♥s said...

loving your nails! they look great! and i want the new chanel polishes too! ( :

sizbelle said...

LV always release tempting collection!

love those killer heels.. but its difficult to wear them here in SG..

nice nails design, how you did them?

Miss Queenie said...

thanks, girl!! =D

saw it in real life and it does look fun...but maybe for a 5 years old! T_T" i was so dissapointed! they didn't have the scarf i wanted, they only had the bandana in blue! wth...haha
i LOVE gerard butler, he's such a hunk!! hahaha and i like to see him half naked in 300!! muahahah perv perv
thanks! =]

the chanel counter at holts told me they would be available in May.. for the summer. i can't wait! i think i'm gonna ask them to jot my name down if there is ever a wait list

why would it be difficult to wear those shoes in SG?
no precision is needed when doing the leopard, the beauty of it is it's crookedness..it looks more realistic! =]