April 17, 2010


Even though it was very hard, my Canadiens made it to the playoffs!! it was really tight in the end, we only needed 1 point to secure our place in the 8 best of the eastern conference. it came down to the last last game of the season, where we lost in OT, but its ok, because we still made it!!! =D muahahaha [damn you Leafs!! tried to steal our point!!!]
we're against Washington Caps and it scares the shit out of me...i mean, COME ON! they have Ovie! T_T" that damn talented kid always intimidates me whenever he steps onto our zone...he's as fast as lightning! but somehow, we managed to win game 1 and it was also under their turf!!! need to keep fighting until the end. i'm crossing my fingers and praying very hard for my home team! GO HABS GO!!! oh...did i mention my hubbie Cammalleri got a goal? ♥ he was injured a while back and seemed like he wasn't as comfortable on the ice as used to be, but Thursday's game proved he could still be shining like he was before!! ♥ him so much! FIGHT ON!!!
urghhh, found some really nice tickets for game 1 at home, RED level. i consider it to be the best, Prestige [double letters] is just a tad better..but they are hard to get because those are the tix companies give their clients, so none really have a chance to go on the "market". when i go, its always red [Platinum isn't that good apparently, the boyfe went and confirmed it], i'd rather pay a bit more to be in a nice level, than buy cheap tix & sit in the pit [i refer those the Nose-Bleed levels]. i have always wondered why people are willing to go sit up there and have a hard time seeing the player's numbers, always trying to figure out who's who and finally end up looking at the screen anyways when you can enjoy it in the comfort of your home in front of you big HD tv? that i will never understand.

so these seats i found are on Red level, Section 119 [which is where Habs shoots twice], Row E, seats 5 & 6..price tag? 800$ the pair, including a Cammalleri jersey [i already have it]...i dealt the whole day with the guy by email asking for a better deal, the best he could do was take out the jersey. still the price is steep, but i thought my bf would be happy if i invited him [ughh he's like a HUGEEEEEEEEE Habs fan]. i get home, talk to him all excitedly about the transaction i was about to make and all he did was lash out at me...lol his sense of logic turned on and he went on and on about how stupid it was to spend such money on 3 hours worth of "suspense". here's how the convo went:

BF: ughhh HELL NO, you are NOT spending that kind of money on playoff tix
GF: why???
BF: because with that money, you can buy stuff that are more lasting than a Habs game...like Chanel sunglasses that you wanted really badly..
GF: O_O REALLY? but i thought last week you said i had too many!
BF: i'd rather you buy something you already have too many than throw that money out the window..or in this case, the ice.. -___-"
GF: COOL, love youuu!! ^^

him and his sense of logic!! hahaha always catches me off guard...so thats what we're doing today!! gonna go shop for a pair of sunnies =] i found these on the Chanel website. i'm gonna try to find them. the first one is just *drools*, they remind me of my boyfriend's Evidence sunnies. the other one is just very classic but it has a cute bow on the side! ♥

was very fed up with my Nokia N97, its a good phone in general and the camera's great...but it became very annoying so i changed. i originally wanted to wait until summer to get the new iphone...but i couldnt take it anymore. bought an unlocked BB Bold 9700 to use in the meantime. i ♥ it. gonna try to buy a case today..i have some bling stuff i bought from HK i wanna stick on. =]

there's a bunch of sample sales going on in the building where i work..so i spent a bit at lunch time yesterday =]
Salinas, 20$
Salinas, 20$
Salinas, 20$
Salinas, 20$ [this is for my sister ♥]
Split [this is for my bff ♥]

i was excited about Aldo releasing nail lacquers!! not a fan of their shoes, but me love nail polish!!! tried them yesterday night and they are ♥! the brush is very full, making it easy to apply and the thickness of the polish is just right.
Trace of Lace & Pink Positive

3 coats + lace stickers + top coat ♥

have a nice day everyone!! i need to go get ready xox

oh...and why did i pick this title?
Score 1: Canadiens wins first game against Caps
Score 2: Prince lets me buy my Chanel shades
Score 3: Got a new cell
Score 4: Swimwear for 10 bucks a piece
Score 5: New nail polish

p.s. Louis Vuitton's Cosmic Blossom collection looks like sh!t in real life =]


Lisa Drives A Van said...

wow great purchases! love your nail design :)

KohLepe said...

Yay!! can't wait to see your new sunnies =D. How do you like BB9700? I'm getting sick of it =( I'm thinking about switching to iPhone.

Glad to hear ur thought about LV Cosmic collection cuz I honestly thought they look cheap.

hannahh♥s said...

im thinking of purchasing some new chanel sunnies too! ( : hope your hunt goes well!!

Tiffany said...

Waterloo, Ontario... home of RIM. Their headquarters is right beside my school and the CEOs are all alumnus too. HAHA Everyone has a blackberry ._.
I wish they would look a bit prettier D= I would wanna get one when i have the money.. or maybe an iphone xD

I love the channel sunglasses you picked out. Looks really niceee :)

jho said...

What bb theme is that? It's so adorable!

bubbleness said...

ovie is playing terrible so far, so go habs go! habs are my go-to team in the eastern conference :) but the nucks will always be my first love lol.

such pretty sunglasses! can't wait to see which ones you bought!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. I was wondering how much you paid for your bb 9700. I've been looking around for one as well and I'm afraid I'm gonna get scammed, thanks :)

Sarah said...

I found your blog very interesting until I read about the hockey tickets.

I'm just wondering if you have ever been up there to have such misjudgments about the "Nose-bleed levels"? It's not as bad as what you have written. Personally, I'd rather pay cheaper tickets and have a good view on the whole play than only have a good view on the players' faces. I have been seated on the last row of the blue level and trust me, it wasn't hard at all to read the players' numbers. I've never felt the need to look at the screen to follow the game. Besides, as a huge fan, I don't need to always stare at a player's number to know who it is. I know who plays which position and I know how they play. You know... Pleky doesn't skate the same way as Markov does.

I have already been in the red row A and prestige(double letters) and in my opinion, it is better to be higher (not necessarily the blue but I don't need to be seated in the prestige to enjoy a good game).

-Habs Fan from the Nose-bleed level

Miss Queenie said...

thanks sweetie! ;)

i'm kinda bored with my BB since i didnt take the data plan, so there's nothing to do on it. i'm waiting for the new iphone to come out so, i'll just stick with this for now.

hunt went very well and you can see from the newer blog entries =D post yours when you get them, hun, i can't wait to see!! =]

BB's are cool!! way to go you Ontarians! hehehe you can def prettify it! there's tons to customize on a BB...

i downloaded from here: http://www.nancydrewthemes.com/
they have so many cute themes!!

i heart canadian teams over american ones hehehe...
no worries, ovie is now playing golf! =)

i bought it for 450$ sealed =) good deal!! but i guess the price around 500$ is good..shouldn't be too jacked up.

thank you for your interest in my blog. but for your information, i have watched a game from up there once or twice before, that is why i can state my opinion about it. so its not a misjudgment. i hate being up there because it makes me dizzy. if you go to a game to see the players' faces, then you better stay home, its much clearer and closer on a huge HD tv. you cannot see their faces even from the reds. and me liking the red seats has nothing to do with boy watching. my blog entry was obviously not talking about the real fans like you who can recognize each player's style. dont take it too personally. thanks for telling me, but as a huge fan myself, i know my players as well. =) you are right, you dont have to be in prestige to enjoy the game...which is why my preference is still the reds. the Bell center was really well made, they say you can have a nice view wherever you are seated, so there is no way you get better view when you're up there compared to those who are down here...to each their own i guess. you are allowed to like the blue levels and hate the reds as much as i am allowed to love the reds and detest the blues. thank you for reading.

honeymilk_88 said...

Hi Queenie! I wanted to know the place you bought your bikinis... is it open to public? I'd like to stock up for my trip! (: