April 29, 2010


who's choking now huh Ovie?
our 3 straight wins are to bring you back on earth.
Caps are good, but they have such big mouths! players and coach included!
have fun starting your golf season and see y'all next fall =]



hannahh♥s said...

wahhh! queenie! i see in your fb photo you're wearing the chanel sunnies and the earrings! ( : they look gorrgausss! ( : hope your having a good week so far!

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

Wahhhhhhh, my coworkers were at the game (I'm a few minutes from DC) and I almost cried watching them lose, it's all the coach's fault...and Green, down with Green!! I doubt they'll ever have this chance again to win the Stanley cup

Congrats on the win and your goalie was flawless!!

Miss Queenie said...

awww love you so much, you're almost always the first commenter!! =) yes yes i am, thanks, girl!!

awww so sorry!! i would cry too if the habs were losing!! thats what happens when you love your team too much. =( the Caps really looked down on us and things they said weren't very nice...so i very proud of how we fell and got back on our skates again.

hannahh♥s said...

keke^^ well, girl you know i am a dedicated follower of your blog! ( ; but you're so right! i really need to stop the makeup hauling. haha hows the weather over there? it's nice today in cali! ( :