April 07, 2010

Kiss & Make Up!

Hi ya!! it feels like its been a century since my last post. i dont know why i feel this way because my last (very mini) entry was last Tuesday. I'm trying to make up lost time by posting tons of pictures!! wahahaha please bear with me in my randomness... =]
Restaurant La Coupole
1325 Rene-Levesque West

Me & Prince went there for dinner on our 8th year anniversary. Made reservation a week prior to our visit. when we got there, i realized that maybe it wasn't that necessary as the place was nearly empty, there was just 3 other couples spread out on the entire floor. the Maitre D' immediately took care of our jackets and politely directed us to our table. the restaurant is quite vast and nicely decorated. with one quick glance i noticed the clean lines and luxurious details of the space. we were situated on the ground floor, which was more modern looking than the floor up. the restaurant staff all spoke perfect French [accent included], almost too perfect and borderline pretentious. i already had an idea of what to order because i was the one who chose this restaurant. Entree: Crab Cake / Main Course: Monteregie Duck Breast, parsley root gnocchi / Dessert: ??? T_T i can't remember...! my boyfriend was not entirely satisfied with the menu as he said it contained too little. he would've preferred a fuller menu. once the food arrived, he completely forgot about his earlier rants. it was delicious. our tummies were very satisfied =] i really recommend this restaurant.
sorry, i didnt really take pix of the food because i got too busy eating. lol

Saturday APRIL.03.2010

such a CUTE evening!! it was really warm outside, i was almost fooled by the weather, thinking it was summer. we watched the game and went to Kanda for dinner. mehhh it relieved my sushi craving but it wasnt entirely satisfying (thats the thing with all-you-can-eat sushi, gotta compromise lol). the food was warm 1/2 the time but its ok, i can eat anything with good company =D. after filling our bellies, we took a walk down a very busy Ste-Catherine street. felt really good, it was breezy, the weather was just too perfect. when we walked by Paris Crepe, me & Maya looked at each other with evil faces, we knew what the other was thinking but both agreed our tummies couldn't take any more food or we would explode. when we got back to our car, we all refused to go home and so the boys drove us down to the Old Port for yet another walk. with all the "exercise", the boys treated us to ice cream at La Cremiere. =] its these little things that make me feel so spoiled!! lol my bf just needs to feed me with food i love and i'll be happy for like ever...thats how the evening ended, i think...yeah i have bad memory...T_T

Sunday APRIL.04.2010

since it was Easter weekend, i took the evening of Sunday off. went to pick up Maya from her place and then we went to see the boys at the hockey ring in TMR. we were supposed to go sugarshacking, but it wasnt well planned. we decided to punish them by telling them to pick a restaurant for that night's dinner. TD was really fast on that one for some reason...he proposed Marathon, but my boyfriend refused almost instantly! he sure is a picky eater. so TD quickly said Baton Rouge. i didn't mind, haven't eaten there for the longest time! food is always good there, but gosh the service was SLOWWW. but i guess i can kinda understand, our waiter was catering to 10+ tables or so..other than that, its all good. we dropped by TD's house to watch Ninja Assassin [OMG that was one violent movie!!].

tried this jacket on at Zara, i wanted to buy it SO MUCH, but when i came out of the dressing room, my bf turned me off by saying: what the hell are you wearing? is it your size? whatsup with the shoulders? T_T" uggghhh
so sorry, i really like to take pix in dressing rooms! lol although i look so unproportional here, looks like i have a bobble head! haha look at the cool tee i was wearing:
oh yeah, its a WildFox babyyy!

my handsome Prince

Little Jayden, my boyfriend's nephew! he's SO cute!!!
he's the cutest thing ever!! love him ^^

its been a long time since i posted my nail colors, so here's a bunch:
China Glaze Peachy Keen

China Glaze Ruby Pumps

China Glaze Happy Go Lucky

China Glaze Peachy Keen + High Hopes

Just for Laughs:
they must be bear lovers...

English = Engrish, French = "Flench"?

uhh...ew? there was a table behind him too...can u imagine seeing an ass crack at breakfast? dude, an ass crack is nasty no matter what time of the day...let alone breakfast!

driving behind not 1, but TWO Toyotas!!! total fail!!!

thats all folks!! see you another time!!
Q. xox


brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

Queen bee,

excellent write up :) We have baton rouge in toronto too, I've been there a few times and the food is quite yummy! Goat cheese italian sausage pasta, delicious. When I went, the service was not slow but HORRIFYING. This bitch girl didn't even care about the tone of her voice, I flagged her down to get something and she just walks over carelessly saying


in the i-dont-give-a-damn-youre-annoying way. I've rarely gotten service like that lol. Should've asked for the manager eh? I know it's tough waitressing, but you don't have to speak like that.

Thanks for the ass crack picture, really needed that :P

p.s. your hair is getting REALLY long holy cow.

-me :)

sunniipinky said...

Omgoodness, long post that covered so many things, I don't even know where to start. xD But as always, you look so gorgeous and cute in all of your pictures, but I especially like the one of you in the French restaurant and the one of you and your friend (you have such a cute expression, haha, reminds me of those anime drawings...that or visual k rockers? I hope you aren't offended, I mean it as a compliment. :D I always thought they have the most interesting and coolest expressions for pictures, hahaha~).

The nails I've already seen on FB, but the Ruby pumps looks so nice next to your LV planner. You must've looked so chic with your nails matching your planner. Haha.

As for the ass crack thing, um...I'm glad I'm not eating right now (but like you said, ANY time of the day is NO crack time, ew).

Reena said...

hey hun i was wondering how do you take care of monogram vernis leather? i heard its very fragile and i want to buy a wallet so badly >.<

bubbleness said...

Woot for a picturific post! Congrats to you and your bf on your 8 year anni! Are those green circle lenses? what is the brand that you are wearing? And Where did you get your boots? They are gorgeous!!!

Your bf's nephew is adorable! how old is he?

Ewwww for ass cleavage >_<

Linda said...

hahaha @ your bf making that comment at zara. my bf does the same thing! I'd still buy it though. lol

Nessa said...

TD @.@ xD

박진아 said...

omg. about your jacket: it looks fantastic on your petite figure... I could never wear anything that bold with my man-shoulders -.-; my guy friends do that to me ALL the time too. JUST when I get the confidence to buy it--"...ew, what the heck is that?" Men just don't understand us fashionistas. ;)

and GUUURL you hair has gotten so long!

*Anita* said...

aw you look gorgeous as always! i like the outfits you picked out :) and OMG your bf's nephew is froggin' adorable!! SO cute!! :D

i want to paint my nails with Peachy Keen now after reading your post. it's such a fresh colour, i love it!

sorry you had to see the ass crack. must've scarred your eyes. gross!! LOL


Miss Queenie said...

yummm the dish you mentioned sounds quite yummy!! have to try next time i go! OMG did you talk to her manager? but then again, its never good to bitch a waiter/waitress at a restaurant, you never know what they will do to your food!! just have to choke it up or wait til later to lash out at them!! muahaha
i'm glad you enjoyed the ass crack!! =D

p.s. yes my hair is REALLY REALLY long and annoying now, my bang's too long too, i need to get a trim!! can't believe you noticed it! =O

[girl, i have such a hard time typing your user name!! always a typo here or there!! lol] thank you for the nice compliments!! its always greatly appreciated! ;) ohhh Visual Kei? its the first time i hear about them! just googled and they look interesting hehehe!
omg ruby pumps is like an almost perfect match to my agenda! so nice in daylight! i dont think i look chic with those 2 matching, because i dont really take it out to show the public hahaha...

i really have NO idea on how to care for it..when i was at the store i didnt even remember asking my SA about Vernis care.. i heard it scratches easily, but i've been throwing my agenda from bag to bag and it still looks intact. =]

boys are annoying hahahah!! my bf is like super straightforward..! i'm glad he's truthful, but sometimes its just like O_O lol

men are sometimes annoying!! haha hit your guy friends, tell them they dont think about your feelings!! lol like thats gonna go somewhere...thank youu i wish i bought it..but if i did, i'd feel awkward wearing it around my bf just because i know his feelings towards this jacket..lol
how can people notice the length of my hair in pix?? even when i compare i cant see!! =O

thanks for everything you said!! xox =] and YES Jayden is a chunk of cuteness haha
peachy keen is a gorgeous color!! totally summery and fresh!!
i was laughing my ass off, i felt more sorry for the peeps sitting behind him! =X