April 29, 2010


who's choking now huh Ovie?
our 3 straight wins are to bring you back on earth.
Caps are good, but they have such big mouths! players and coach included!
have fun starting your golf season and see y'all next fall =]


April 28, 2010

Mother Nature

APRIL.27.2010 its supposed to be warm outside, yet this is the shit weather we're getting today and tomorrow. Mother Nature's pissed at something or someone, and she ain't afraid of showing it! she's PMSing on us!!! =[ *sad*

take me there, where its warm, where its sunny, where there's sand, salt water and coconut trees...

April 21, 2010


of course its not a handbag you fool!! lol as mentioned in the last post, i went shopping for sunglasses with Prince on saturday, even if it was cloudy and cold. when i set my mind to something, it is rather hard for me to change. so this purchase was to replace the Habs tickets i was going to buy him. =]

there was really nothing else planned, so we took our time to head out. got there at around 3:3o pm...Holts was full of people, as usual. i didnt want to look at anything, i was there solely for the sunnies and i was going straight to the point. headed to the Chanel boutique on the second floor and as we were off the escalator, i saw my friend MH who works there and asked for her help. she asked what my preferences were and pulled out pair in the next second. they were just too perfect!! square-ish and gradient tinted, just the way i like them. i tried them on and it was love!! but i then remembered my "pre-selection", the Evidence look-alike and the bow-on-the-side ones. well they didnt have the Evidence look-alike [i was disappointed, because they looked very interesting and i wanted to try them on] but they had the bow one. tried it on, it was ok..but i wasnt entirely satisfied. i tried the 1st pair again and it was pretty much settled, i LOVED it!! =]

picked out a very classic and timeless style =]
will post a modeled pic later, yay!

when i was done with the sunnies and talking to MH [which took like 20 minutes] i decided to wander to the jewelry counter..i wanted to see what they had in terms on earrings. they were so ashamed of their selection, only 3 styles of earrings in the whole boutique..hahaha but i ended out picking a pair still. simple yet too cute to not buy!

modeled! lol

a while ago, all these fashion blogs i read were talking about Chanel releasing temporary tattoos in very limited quantities. i was bummed to find out our Holt wont carry them. well, MH told me the Bloor Holts had sent them a few sets, but they were gone in a blink on an eye [she managed to get 2 sets for herself! haha the perks of the job]. i wanted them really badly, but since they weren't available for purchase anyways, i convinced myself it wasn't worth it. yeah...total fail, i saw a girl on my fb posting pix of her temporary ink and i was sold once more!! [i have tried to ask her to buy for me from Toronto, but it seemed to much of a hassle for her, so i didnt insist further more] i totally dragged Maya into the obsession as well!! haha the internet is very evil!! -____-" i forced J. to buy 2 sets, 1 for me and the other one for Maya, Chanel.com only ships to the States, and his girlfriend happens to live in Vermont. =] when he checked his invoice, he realized they had duplicated the order so he kind of freaked out a bit. he asked us if we wanted to keep them all or should he return a package. i wanted to let a set go, but Maya convinced me it was fated! lol so we told J. to let it be...we'll pay him for everything once its here. the process took a little less than 2 weeks... ordering from the website, website ships to J.'s gf, gf brings the packages to Montreal, J. delivering it straight to us. =D so here ya go! here are my Trompe l'Oeil de Chanel! ***hysterical scream*** i'll start using them once it gets warmer outside and will take pix to show you guys.

Love in an envelope! =]

Surprise, Surprise!!! ^^

Remember in the last post how my boyfriend was against the idea of letting me buy Playoff tickets? he told me to take that money and go buy my sunnies instead! and i did..on Sunday, the day before the 1st game at home, and before Prince and TD went to hockey, they came to Nguyen Phi and announced me they had bought tickets for me & Maya!!! how sweet are they? they are hardcore hockey lovers yet have sacrificed a pair of Playoff tickets to spoil us, girlfriends! so yeah, the boys love us =] drove us to Bell center for us to attend the game and waited for us at Cage aux Sports.

i didnt take many pix, but i've recorded a few short length videos that i posted on facebook.
Maya & Queenie
Maya in her Habs gear
it was pretty exciting in the beginning, the atmosphere was pretty awesome, except that part during the American anthem where some Habs fan decided that it was ok to boo. i thought it was very inappropriate and disrespectful for the other team. anyways...it was fun to be there, to feel the heat of the playoffs even if we didn't win. the important thing was being there for them and to cheer for them. =]
and Love y'all!! lol
i love you!
but f*ck the Caps!
wanna kick them off the Playoffs!!
[near impossible, but keeping our faith in them!! GO HABS GO]
Boo Yahhh!! bye!! =]

my boyfriend's new phone...Sony Ericsson X10...SEX10...
dont u find the name so pervyy?
woohooo!!! i found a new cupcake shop near my workplace...so awesome!!
ehhhh except i just started going to the gym again, so can't go back there for a while...

so many pictures, i hope you enjoyed it!...loveee xox

p.s. i dont understand why haters keep coming back to my blog and stalk me even if they dislike my face and my lifestyle, get a life of your own and dont bother me please...wasted enough of my precious time...kthxbye =)

p.p.s. this post was approved by miss Maya herself! lol ^^ [she forced me to write this last part! double lol]

April 17, 2010


Even though it was very hard, my Canadiens made it to the playoffs!! it was really tight in the end, we only needed 1 point to secure our place in the 8 best of the eastern conference. it came down to the last last game of the season, where we lost in OT, but its ok, because we still made it!!! =D muahahaha [damn you Leafs!! tried to steal our point!!!]
we're against Washington Caps and it scares the shit out of me...i mean, COME ON! they have Ovie! T_T" that damn talented kid always intimidates me whenever he steps onto our zone...he's as fast as lightning! but somehow, we managed to win game 1 and it was also under their turf!!! need to keep fighting until the end. i'm crossing my fingers and praying very hard for my home team! GO HABS GO!!! oh...did i mention my hubbie Cammalleri got a goal? ♥ he was injured a while back and seemed like he wasn't as comfortable on the ice as used to be, but Thursday's game proved he could still be shining like he was before!! ♥ him so much! FIGHT ON!!!
urghhh, found some really nice tickets for game 1 at home, RED level. i consider it to be the best, Prestige [double letters] is just a tad better..but they are hard to get because those are the tix companies give their clients, so none really have a chance to go on the "market". when i go, its always red [Platinum isn't that good apparently, the boyfe went and confirmed it], i'd rather pay a bit more to be in a nice level, than buy cheap tix & sit in the pit [i refer those the Nose-Bleed levels]. i have always wondered why people are willing to go sit up there and have a hard time seeing the player's numbers, always trying to figure out who's who and finally end up looking at the screen anyways when you can enjoy it in the comfort of your home in front of you big HD tv? that i will never understand.

so these seats i found are on Red level, Section 119 [which is where Habs shoots twice], Row E, seats 5 & 6..price tag? 800$ the pair, including a Cammalleri jersey [i already have it]...i dealt the whole day with the guy by email asking for a better deal, the best he could do was take out the jersey. still the price is steep, but i thought my bf would be happy if i invited him [ughh he's like a HUGEEEEEEEEE Habs fan]. i get home, talk to him all excitedly about the transaction i was about to make and all he did was lash out at me...lol his sense of logic turned on and he went on and on about how stupid it was to spend such money on 3 hours worth of "suspense". here's how the convo went:

BF: ughhh HELL NO, you are NOT spending that kind of money on playoff tix
GF: why???
BF: because with that money, you can buy stuff that are more lasting than a Habs game...like Chanel sunglasses that you wanted really badly..
GF: O_O REALLY? but i thought last week you said i had too many!
BF: i'd rather you buy something you already have too many than throw that money out the window..or in this case, the ice.. -___-"
GF: COOL, love youuu!! ^^

him and his sense of logic!! hahaha always catches me off guard...so thats what we're doing today!! gonna go shop for a pair of sunnies =] i found these on the Chanel website. i'm gonna try to find them. the first one is just *drools*, they remind me of my boyfriend's Evidence sunnies. the other one is just very classic but it has a cute bow on the side! ♥

was very fed up with my Nokia N97, its a good phone in general and the camera's great...but it became very annoying so i changed. i originally wanted to wait until summer to get the new iphone...but i couldnt take it anymore. bought an unlocked BB Bold 9700 to use in the meantime. i ♥ it. gonna try to buy a case today..i have some bling stuff i bought from HK i wanna stick on. =]

there's a bunch of sample sales going on in the building where i work..so i spent a bit at lunch time yesterday =]
Salinas, 20$
Salinas, 20$
Salinas, 20$
Salinas, 20$ [this is for my sister ♥]
Split [this is for my bff ♥]

i was excited about Aldo releasing nail lacquers!! not a fan of their shoes, but me love nail polish!!! tried them yesterday night and they are ♥! the brush is very full, making it easy to apply and the thickness of the polish is just right.
Trace of Lace & Pink Positive

3 coats + lace stickers + top coat ♥

have a nice day everyone!! i need to go get ready xox

oh...and why did i pick this title?
Score 1: Canadiens wins first game against Caps
Score 2: Prince lets me buy my Chanel shades
Score 3: Got a new cell
Score 4: Swimwear for 10 bucks a piece
Score 5: New nail polish

p.s. Louis Vuitton's Cosmic Blossom collection looks like sh!t in real life =]