March 25, 2010

Dans Un Jardin

The Garden Collection has finally arrived at H&M!! these are my selections, i'm gonna be dropping by the store later today hoping to pick up a few pieces..its so nice!! 

you can click HERE


Tiffany said...

hehe.. of course i'll say yes : )

But the thing is i don't have paypal O_o I don't even have a credit card yet : (

anyways.. the garden collection looks so nice! Did it just come out today? I was @ H&M on tuesday and i don't think i saw the collection. It looks really sophisticated and classyy.
I hope it's not another exclusive line that's only available at certain stores =.=

missmicchan said...

Thanks a lot for the update, really nice selections!

J-Ezzy said...

I can't wait to see what you pick up!!! These are uber cute!!

Anonymous said...

I actually passed by H&M today and saw the huge Garden Collection sign!! Too bad I didn't get a chance to take a look. I love the first tunic top... I think its like $14.95 or something too =)

Pang said...

i love h&m, and i love floral prints. now, i'll have to stop by there this weekend. thanks for letting us know! =)

Miss Queenie said...

aiyaaa how am i gonna send you money? i guess i''ll send by money order then..but how safe is it to send a money order to HongKong? ?_?
i think the garden collection is available at all H&M locations. really lovely and spring-summery looking, i loveee it! ^^

no problem! =]

i got 4 tops and i'm so thrilled! i can't til its warmer out so i can wear them!! =D

no worries!!! H&M rocks!! but i've only been into florals more recently..
i dont think i ever bought anything thats flowery...

Miss Queenie said...

the photoshoot looks lovelyyy!! everything is super cheap!!
i didnt see the red dress yet..or maybe it is sold out already!