March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my dearest Maya Beuhbie
i wish you nothing but the best & i love you tons

Lost & Found

Me & Cigars
just kidding..hehe scared you didn't I? i pretended it was a cigar just for the pic, but its actually just a cookie muahahah thanks to Maya for the picture, she saw me eat it and wanted to snap a pic. =]

as you all know, i have recently switched to a different company. i told myself i had to get a new bag that was more work appropriate & mature, but most importantly, one that doesn't scream DESIGNER!!! well, i wanted to pay no more than 200-300$ for one thats made with real leather, preferably a convertible one with handles + long strap to carry on the shoulder or cross body. the search was long and tedious, with no real results and nothing but disappointment. its much harder than i thought. Zara carries a few nice ones, but the ones i liked were not in real leather. =( i skipped Longchamp's Pliage because of the floppy body & Juicy because of the cheese factor on their bags. the one i truly want is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Ukita bag, but i dont want the price it came with. 600$+(CAD) for a work bag is way too much in my opinion. so after a few weeks, i got tired and kind of left it at that...

last week, when i was digging in my closet, i found this beauty here:
it was just hanging out with my shoe boxes on my top shelf! isn't it beautiful? my uncle gave it to me when i was younger, so i guess i can call it vintage right? its croc embossed patent leather-kinda material, inside is a very stiff velour. the gold hardware is all scratched. i believe it might've been from the 80's, but who knows? there's no label, brand or anything mysterious, me likey!! hehehe i'm so glad i found it, its stylish and its FREE hehehe simple style and very work appropriate, niceee. check out the pix:

wallet - agenda - glasses - cellphone - eyedrops - gaz money [lol]

last week, i also received a little something from France =] i bought Limited Edition badges from one of my favorite Fashion Illustrator: Angeline Melin! =]

love the packaging! i had requested her package #8 because its my favorite number [out of a total of 35 packages]

the badges are really adorable!!
i have a small collection of these pins/badges, will take a pic someday.. they are so useless yet so cute and fun!

Last Picture
my boyfriend picked up my DSLR and started to just snap around my room..this picture was the only good one out of the 20something bunch...hehe

Miss Queenie xox

March 25, 2010

Dans Un Jardin

The Garden Collection has finally arrived at H&M!! these are my selections, i'm gonna be dropping by the store later today hoping to pick up a few pieces..its so nice!! 

you can click HERE

March 18, 2010

Alexa who?

Mulberry's pretty Spring/Summer 2010 Campaign
featuring new IT bag, the Oversized Alexa

the structured shape reminds me of school bags and the leather looks perfectly aged to give that slouchy effect. although it's called Oversized, i think the dimension is just perfect! why "Alexa" you may ask? well, it's named after British IT Girl and Style Icon Alexa Chung. a stylish bag for a stylish girl! 

i would love to get my hands on one, alas, i just put myself on a shopping ban [it's sold out anyways], plus, i was planning on buying a certain bag my mom's been eyeing. will get it for her for Mother's Day. =]
Alexa Chung
she looks stunning and her style is impeccable imo

Other Object of Affection [OOA]
[the internet is Evil i tell you]
Miu Miu bow bag
Miu Miu Coffer
A.Wang Rocco
MBMJ Ukita

will update with a real entry sometime today or tomorrow =]
xox laters

March 15, 2010

Brand New Start

Exotic bouquet from my Head of Department

farewell gift from my boss, the Swimwear Head Designer
yeah...everyone knows me pretty well there..after all, i've been working there fore a little over 2 years..
yay!! a cupcake kit! i promised my boss i'd use the kit to make some yummy cupcakes and fedex a box for them to try =] boyfriend was very happy i got my dream job!! guess what, he quit his job and started at the new company the same day as about coincidence. it was so weird when he announced it to me. anyways, he decided to get me a present. the new job requires a lot more responsibility, so an agenda was a perfect choice. i've been eyeing this particular one for a while, it was perfect timing =] thank you bb xox

Louis Vuitton small ring agenda in Pomme D'Amour...
my fave color in vernis..yumm

the color is simply WOW..i love it

New Beginning...
the new workplace is totally different from the old one. i now work in a loft in an industrial area of the town. i love the natural daylight that shines through the huge windows. i love new title and the new job. its a lot of fun and i hope it will always be like this...

still smiling as always... =)

very sorry for the lack of updates lately...i will do my best and try to be up to date with everything..xox

March 05, 2010

Moving On...

everything is but an empty space now...

although it was my decision to leave, its still sad because i loved the team so much there. the chemistry between colleagues were undeniable. every day was filled with jokes, laughter and never ending gossip breaks. i left the "family" to fly from my own wings. hoping i will make it a step further in life, trying to gain more experience for my own career. sometimes, sacrifices must be done in order to achieve something greater, even if it hurt. 

i will miss you all. i hope we can someday meet again.
Queenie xox

March 03, 2010

Nails - Nails - Neos [!?!]

did a bit of a nail polish haulage =] the China Glaze Spring 2010 collection looked too cute and yummy for me to pass up, so i decided that i should get them. i didn't know which color to buy and so i bought them all. i also got 2 colors from the OPI Hong Kong collection, which are also VERY vibrant and gorgeous. other than those i bought a piece from the OPI Alice in Wonderland & China Glaze Wizzard of Ooh & Ahz Return, both are glitter. 1st is blue and the second is red.

i swatched them for you =D 
they only needed 2 coats, and i didn't even put base nor top coat on the swatches.