February 09, 2010

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Are you the type of person who's always last minute? You didn't have enough time or you were simply procrastinating, but fear not, Queenie is here!! muahahah Don't know what to get for your significant other? here's a bunch of stuff i picked out that will definitely please your loved one. since i'm a girl, it was easier to make the list and there's just a few items more. i always have a hard time finding a gift for my boyfriend, but luckily, this year i covered my ass and bought him something already hehehe

these gifts may earn you a extra steamy makeout session, or it could ruin your evening, so please use it to your own risk. lol

Las Bonitas
Tiffany & Co.'s Folded Heart Pendant
the little blue box is always a winner, trust me. ;)
WildFox Couture's Sparkly Heart Sweatshirt
fun and flirty, just how a girlfriend should be
Tiffany & Co.'s Pink Passport Cover
for the jetsetter in her. she might wanna beat you at first, when she opens and doesn't find jewelry, but when she'll see how cute this is, she gonna be all over you. =]
Tiffany & Co.'s Heart Luggage Tag
wanna spoil her a little more, add this cutie to the mix.
Wildfox Couture's Be Mine Tee
didn't like the sparkly heart sweatshirt, try this tee version!! spring is coming up anyways.
Chanel's Classic Quilted Flap with Heart Charms
extra cash laying around? this little cutie mustn't be a problem then, right? ;)
Chanel's Bow Earrings
I WANT THESE!!! but Holt Renfrew wont get them! ARGHH!!! *inhale* *exhale*
i have nothing to say, these are simply gorgeous.
Victoria's Secret Edible Body Icing
don't like the nice stuff posted up there? here's a little something something that both can enjoy together!! muahaha also see the next item...
Victoria's Secret Lace Teddy
this thingie perfectly complements the body icing! Boys, this is not only a gift for her as you KNOW its gonna be a feast for your eyes as well!!

Los Handsomes

Tiffany & Co.'s Horseshoe Cufflinks
these will bring him luck for his next big presentation, or simply make him think of you whenever he's working =] awww
Louis Vuitton's Damier Graphite key holder
have you noticed that guys have really random and ugly key chains/holders???
i think its time for an upgrade! =]
Garmin's Nuvi 755T GPS system
guys are usually ashamed of asking directions when they get lost, you can now avoid wasting time while he drives around trying to find his way out!
Supra's TK Society sneakers
men in nice sneakers are as handsome as men in a tailored suit!!
these are so hot, they remind me of Christian Louboutin =]
Tiffany & Co.'s Patent leather Business Card Case
sleek and shiny ;) simple, yet very sophisticated

Club Monaco's Red Carson Scarf
men look hot in big scarves/mufflers! brighten up his winter with this bright red version =]
Club Monaco Joel hat
its hard to find a guy who will go buy a warm hat on his own, so i guess the job is left to us, the nice and thoughtful girlfriend. i doubt he'll accept to wear the HUMONGO Canada Goose aviator version, so be safe and get him this more toned down version.

that will be all for the gift ideas, i hope it helped you somehow... before i forget...
saw this in the Feb issue of InStyle mag..thought it was lovely so i just wanted to share.
what are your plans for Valentine's Day? =]


sunniipinky said...

That Chanel quilted bag is loveee! Omg, I think it's totally adorable and definitely an eye catcher! That pair of earrings also. Oh man.

Thanks for sharing all these wonderful gift ideas with us! I'm a new follower/reader, Queenie! Just to say hi! :D I really like looking at the things you bought and you and your boyfriend look really cute together! I'm sure you guys would have a wonderful time this Valentine's Day.

Happy Early Valentine's Day! :D

ArzuSonmez said...

why is it so hard to buy gifts for men?? :( what did you get for your bf btw? it is only 1 day apart and i still did not get anything w/ my freaking work schedule did not have time:( neither do i have an idea what to get.

Ivie [Meygan] said...

Yo those Supras are most def ODee sexy [they do remind be of Louboutins]. I would get them for y behbs just to wear it for him ;) Keep it fresh

Vivi said...

O: Thanks for taking the time to pick out these gift ideas.

The recipe looks really nice! :D It's making me crave for heart shaped eggs, haha.

Emily said...

I really like the Chanel Earrings!! They are so cute. Do you know how much they cost and where to buy them?

maddy said...

My boyfriend and I already gifted each other lol. I got him the games he wanted for his XBox (I bet I'm gonna regret it later lol) and for me, he got me a pink Canon SD1200si soo cute! The camera was the reason we gifted early because I wanted to take photos when the torch comes to Vancouver!

Anonymous said...

i love it when people suck up to momo, lol :)

kalai said...

cute ideas^^ the heart egg and toast are so cute.

and those chanel bow earrings are to die for. so goregeous. xx

Anonymous said...

Great ideas!! Thanks for sharing.