February 25, 2010

T-Boys Crazy

T.O.P. [Big Bang] - TaecYeon [2PM] - TaeYang [Big Bang]
those are my T-Boys and i'm currently C R A Z Y over them!!!

T.O.P. is definitely on top with his seductively raspy voice.
i love men with deep voices like his...yum
his uncommon face makes him that much more attractive!
is it weird for me to like his brows? puhahaha i feel so weird saying it.
he looks good with smoky eyes too...thats even weirder to say.

To Act Like Nothing's Wrong by T.O.P.

Forever With You by GDragon & T.O.P. [feat. Park Bom]

Hello by Red Roc [feat. T.O.P.]

I'm Sorry by Gummy [feat. T.O.P.]

he's mostly a rapper, so its very rare to actually hear his singing voice...
here's a video i found which focuses more on his smexy singing voice

Next up is TaecYeon!! **drools**
got my cougar face on, dude this guy is a 88er,
he has the same age as my little sister! i feel so bad about it LOL!!!
can't help it, he simply looks charming!! you might not like his face at first,
but he will definitely grow onto you! promise..

My Ear's Candy by Baek Ji Young [feat. TaecYeon]

Tik Tok by 2PM for Cass Beer

and last but certainly not least, TaeYang!!! *SCREAMMMS*
his smile makes me melt and his body of steel is to die for!!
he's a very talented artist and his dancing is ***SCREAMMMMMMMM***

Wedding Dress by TaeYang

Look at Me by TaeYang
[with other BigBang members OMG OMG OMG T.O.P. is so HOT in there]

Prayer by TaeYang

Where You At by TaeYang


WLOVEXO said...

AHHH~ We LOVE all 3 of them too <3 They are definitely 3 of the hottest ;3


Christine said...

I agree about all three of them... but Taeyang is... hahaha I can't even think of words to describe Taeyang. He's the new big sensation so it seems :D

*BlingBlingKitty* said...

OMG!I like big bang's music<3
especially T.O.P,he is HOT!
Thanks for sharing^_^

sunniipinky said...

Hahaha, what else can I say? You've said it all, they're awesome~ <3

TOP & Taec are one of my top favorites in Big Bang and 2PM. :) & their songs? Sounds stupid, but whenever Taeyang sings "where you at?", I always want to scream "HERE!" xD

jimin choe said...

ahhhh top was always my favorite! all my cousins seem to love gdragon tho... eck. thanks for the videos :)

mystifize said...

Taeyang is my fave out of the 3! He's so fly and sexy....:D

Karen said...

TOP and Taeyang! <3

J-ezzy said...

I have never heard of these guys, but I just spent the last 30 minutes listening and loving every second!!! I only speak Spanish and English, but I'm IN LOVE!!!

Miss Queenie said...

like HOTTEST eveerrrrr i think i'm in love

taeyang is like a sex pot thats continuously boiling!!! loll i feel like a pervv muahahah

welcome ^^ yeah i lovee TOP so much…
currently watching Iris because he's in there loll

my jaw drops every time i watch their videos…especially when TaeYang is TOPLESS!!!

jimin choe
yeah i'm not all that crazy over GDragon, i mean he's cute and all…but
TOP's my favorite.

TaeYang is really a phenomenon of his own!!! i go insane for his cute smile, body and dancing!!!!!!!!!! ^^

yesss and YESSS!! =]

wow fortunately, it wasn't 30 minutes wasted!!! ^^ i would've felt so bad about it. i'm so glad you like it!!! i don't understand korean either, but mehh whatever this is major eye candy and the tunes are nice!! =D

Vivi said...

:D Hurray for the T-boys.
I think the reason why I like Taeckyeon so much is because he raps like TOP. > <;

But yeah, they're all gorgeous. ^^

Miss K. You said...

Wow! Thanks for the eye candy feast :D My fav has always been TOP, but Tae Yang is not bad (I would be a cougar too!) TOP was super sexy when he smashed that telephone booth with that bat hahaha.

peachcharm said...

nice blog :) i love T.O.P's raspy voice too.. super sexy! and Taeyang <3

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

oh man... i had to pull out a bib to get through this post =P all these videos are so drool-worthy! <33